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  1. hi guys, Can you please point me to a way (mod etc) to monitor ai behaviour, such as waypoints, player detection and such. Ive seen such in videos and would like to test them myself. Im especially interested to see when they detect the player and how they react. On evideo was showing a freen dot turning to red once player was detected... Thanks a lot, EDIT: I ve found TroopMon what seems to do something like that this (haven't tried yet) but still interested in other options.
  2. Hi guys, Sorry for reviving an old thread. Just wondering of the current status of the project? Is it still needed as many official patches were released since? Also if someone knows if it is abandoned or just switched to another thread? EDIT: Ok I have found a version from this February so I assume I just need to look further for the new thread. EDIT2: Found it thx
  3. spangg

    [SP/MP] Putin's Dream

    Hi, Looks great thanks a lot. I tried in SP and I found all the other squads just standing idle do nothing. Any idea why? Cheers,
  4. spangg

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hi guys and thanks for this great mod(s)!! Does anyone know that if I downloaded the 2 mods separately, is there a way to get the missions you included in escalation? Thanks,
  5. Hi, I popped in to say thank you! This seems to be one of the greatest for arma so far!! Please I second to get this out as an addon! I would love to roam the island with my guys finally move where I want them to be (well more or less) :D Thanks and keep it up! (Addon pls pls pls)
  6. spangg

    [ZEUS|TVT|COOP|SP] Defiance

    Ignore for now
  7. spangg

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Sounds awesome, well done! Also ask for making it a mod, would be great to test it in SP. If it is easy as you said would you mind do that when time allows? Thanks again.
  8. spangg

    Funny ArmA quotes

    Im a bit of a latecomer on this but man, that made my day! :D
  9. Ok, savegame issue was due to @alive, which I had loaded as well. Just a FYI.
  10. Great mission, one of the best I've played in the Armaverse. :) Couldn't find the answer here or on steam forum, it seems the save (0-0-0) doesn't work anymore since last update. Does anyone know if its a bug or feature. I only use shacktac HUD mod, no any ai mod or else. Thx in advance.
  11. Hi, Just another tip to try to help: You said 1st thing was arma after win install. Try and update your windows and drivers etc and try again. It really sounds like some specific to your system so give it a go. Fresh win is nogo w/o the updates. Let us know of your finding, we may all learn from it.
  12. Ive been away for a while from arma and noticed the new 1.62. How about ASR and this new tpwc add up? I mean are they compatible and updated or one may be better off with vanilla(oops I didn't say that :)
  13. spangg

    COWarModI44 Compatible

    I think someone posted updated configs in another thread for the weapons and it may need the classes of soldiers in this mod as well to actually work properly. I am not sure what needsd to be done, perhaps if Robalo is interested in I44 as well? :)
  14. spangg

    COWarModI44 Compatible

    Quick question. Is asr ai updated to include the weapon/class configs in i44?
  15. spangg

    ASR AI Skills

    How can you split your group?