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    I make experimetal music and have a love of computer games.
  1. steven breen

    Blastcore A3

    OS mentioned a few times before that its scalable :)
  2. steven breen

    RAMDisk size with 8GB of RAM

    Got another 8GB of RAM! :) Running most of the .pbo's from the "Addons" folder on an 8GB RAMDisk. This, coupled with the recent Dev Branch and sensible graphics settings, have improved things quite a bit. The stuttering is alot better. Its not a "night and day" difference but it is noticeable. I may switch back to the HDD on monday if the dev branch updates prove to be a pain, moving files around all the time, and compare the performance some more. i5 2500k @ 4.4ghz ati 6950 @ stock win 7 64bit Thanks for all the tips guys!
  3. steven breen

    RAMDisk size with 8GB of RAM

    This may be the route I go down as Arma 3 is the only game I play. Cheaper than a SSD, too!
  4. steven breen

    RAMDisk size with 8GB of RAM

    That thread about I/O looks very interesting. Thanks for sharing :) Time to do some reading....
  5. steven breen

    RAMDisk size with 8GB of RAM

    Which .pbo's would you say are read the most? I may set up a small ramdisk purely to test as, well, its free! I see no point having the RAM unused (for the most part...).
  6. steven breen

    RAMDisk size with 8GB of RAM

    Thanks, Neuro. Funnily enough it was the Samsung 840 I've just been looking at! :)
  7. steven breen

    RAMDisk size with 8GB of RAM

    Thanks for the replies! I shall look into a SSD and thanks for the tips about read/write speeds and compatibility.
  8. Hey! I'm running the game from a HDD and I'm looking at setting up a RAMDisk to try and avoid some of the stuttering. My question: What would be the biggest sized RAMDisk I could safely make with a total of 8GB of RAM? Thanks, Steven.
  9. steven breen

    This game is amazing

    Trying to put into words how much I am enjoying this game just doesn't do it justice....
  10. steven breen

    Stuttering on Stratis and Altis

    Admittedly, I haven't played for about a week, but the stuttering today is quite bad. Frame rate is good but the stuttering is spoiling the fun :(
  11. steven breen

    Blastcore A3

    Great news, OS!
  12. Same issue as zhrooms. Full error is: no entry 'config.bin/cfgdiary/fixedpages/conversation.type'
  13. steven breen

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    This is a helpful thread, seeing as I was unsure whether to buy now or wait a month or two. ....
  14. steven breen

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Happy new year, LJ!