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  1. @Iratus, ArmA1 - yes, OFP - no.
  2. stilpu

    Native FSM?

    Copy/paste from a discussion related to the now removed "findCover" scripting command: Maybe it can help?
  3. Why were all the downloads and Yoma server for this mod removed? I was really looking forward to toying with some mission concepts for it. Update today? :)
  4. Now I see what you mean. I was not talking about the specific problems regarding the current patch (as I said, I don't own the ArmA games on Steam, so I wasn't aware what caused the issues), but about the inconvenience caused to the user when he has (had?) to re-download most of the game files instead of the lighter standalone patch. Certainly, you are the ones to decide if this is something worth investigating or not, all I did was to point it out in case you guys didn't consider it :)
  5. @Dwarden, I'm pretty sure in MNC's case Steam downloads the actual patch data, the game's exe/launcher just handles the patching process. I was suggesting checking it out because I remembered you guys had the issue with Steam re-downloading huge files on patch day instead of patching them like your standalone patcher does. (I don't own the ArmA games on Steam, so I've no idea if that's still the case) Maybe it would hurt trying to get in touch with Uber Ent., they're an indie developer as well :)
  6. @Dwarden: You guys might want to take a look at how Monday Night Combat (Uber Ent.) does the Steam patching business. They seem to be running their own patcher on the first run of the game after a Steam update. Haven't checked the details, but it's probably just a launcher or the actual exe checking if the latest available update has already been applied and applying it if it wasn't.
  7. stilpu

    Homefront - another 3 hour Campaign - AVOID

    You could also play OFP:Resistance :D
  8. stilpu

    Texel Island

    The file is corrupt. Unexpected end of archive. :(
  9. @Dwarden: the issue was there since OA release: http://dev-heaven.net/issues/5479
  10. Avoiding the mortars is manageable (cover + prone when they wizz, sprint between rounds), the most annoying thing is the fact you'll get hurt and thus unable to properly return fire due to the aim shake way before you see the first enemy, plus the leisure pace of Asano (which wouldn't be a problem if you could actually shoot) and the occasional opportunity to see him get stuck in ruins, which made me restart the mission a couple of times for fear of bad triggers. Also, in the factory mission, the guy near the first civies got stuck after I dispatched them by throwing a smoke (pretty sure this wasn't the alternative method, but hey, I tried).
  11. stilpu

    Let's Play Eagle Wing!

    Any chance for a PMC Let's Play? :) Also, 8.3 is missing from the proper playlist on Youtube.
  12. Downloader is attempting to download a 5.9GB BAFSetup.exe, then fails with Product not found. The direct download actually is a PHP error file Going to sleep, hope it's fixed in the morning. Have a good night :)
  13. Unlocked, but the link is still BAF. Are we supposed to use the PMC key on the same installer?
  14. stilpu

    Star Trek Mod

    That's quite cool :)