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  1. svendejong

    Unigine engine! Valley demo

    I wouldnt be so sure about that, our eyes are of wonderfull design but we dont have infinite DOF. Dont get me wrong I agree it's been overdone and abused in games.
  2. Sad to say, they are a bit slow. like the planes
  3. svendejong

    The Thing 2011

    Dont get me wrong, the FX in the first remake are outstanding but to state that they are more convincing then "all the CGI stuff of today" you have to be blind.
  4. svendejong

    The Thing 2011

    I really hope the movie will be good, the director is a nice bloke, ive worked with him in the past. The original (carpenters I mean) is a great movie, very tense.
  5. svendejong

    Camera recommendations

    thats right, prime means non zoom (=better image quality /needing less light etc)
  6. Operation Flashpoint (the original), I remember racing in that game with my zeus m8s
  7. svendejong

    Bomb Harvest | Not on your Doorstep

    saddening indeed. I was wondering, is the US in any way involved in helping Laos getting rid of the unexploded ordonance. To me it feels there is some moral obligation there, but well im just a treehuging hippy.
  8. See my kids grow up to be happy human beings
  9. Playing Coop, it's briliant!
  10. My Gf says me the same thing about me when she sees me playing ARMA with my track IR gear connected to my headphones. :)
  11. svendejong

    Unreal Engine 3 Tech Demo Video

    that's weird it being computer generated images! ;-)
  12. svendejong

    Battlefield BC2: Vietnam

    Would be great indeed!
  13. svendejong

    Skyline Sci Fi Film

    I can't believe how these guys got to direct another movie after the AVP they did.
  14. svendejong

    help me please

    offtopic, humor runs in the offtopic section!
  15. svendejong

    Armdillo - Afghanistan war documentary

    Must be a documentary but its colour graded and cut like a movie (at least the trailer is) Looks interesting to me.