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    Unigine engine! Valley demo

    I wouldnt be so sure about that, our eyes are of wonderfull design but we dont have infinite DOF. Dont get me wrong I agree it's been overdone and abused in games.
  2. Sad to say, they are a bit slow. like the planes
  3. svendejong

    The Thing 2011

    Dont get me wrong, the FX in the first remake are outstanding but to state that they are more convincing then "all the CGI stuff of today" you have to be blind.
  4. svendejong

    The Thing 2011

    I really hope the movie will be good, the director is a nice bloke, ive worked with him in the past. The original (carpenters I mean) is a great movie, very tense.
  5. svendejong

    Camera recommendations

    thats right, prime means non zoom (=better image quality /needing less light etc)
  6. Operation Flashpoint (the original), I remember racing in that game with my zeus m8s
  7. svendejong

    Bomb Harvest | Not on your Doorstep

    saddening indeed. I was wondering, is the US in any way involved in helping Laos getting rid of the unexploded ordonance. To me it feels there is some moral obligation there, but well im just a treehuging hippy.
  8. See my kids grow up to be happy human beings
  9. Playing Coop, it's briliant!
  10. My Gf says me the same thing about me when she sees me playing ARMA with my track IR gear connected to my headphones. :)
  11. svendejong

    Unreal Engine 3 Tech Demo Video

    that's weird it being computer generated images! ;-)
  12. svendejong

    Battlefield BC2: Vietnam

    Would be great indeed!
  13. svendejong

    Skyline Sci Fi Film

    I can't believe how these guys got to direct another movie after the AVP they did.
  14. svendejong

    help me please

    offtopic, humor runs in the offtopic section!
  15. svendejong

    Armdillo - Afghanistan war documentary

    Must be a documentary but its colour graded and cut like a movie (at least the trailer is) Looks interesting to me.
  16. Codemasters has announced it is expanding to form a second team for future projects. Right now they are hiring for Lead, Senior and Experienced development positions for its Guildford studio. In the following press release they also reveal that the studio entered full production of an original FPS twelve months ago. The New Year has seen key positions open across the Guildford studio’s Design, Programming and Art teams. Currently, there are Art positions across Technical, Environment and Animation disciplines, in Programming there are Lead, Senior and Experienced posts open along with Senior Games Designer and Senior Level Designer opportunities. Codemasters Studios Guildford opened in 2007 under the management of Adrian Bolton, previously Development Director for EA Criterion, and Gavin Cheshire, Codemasters’ VP of Development. Formed to expand Codemasters’ internal studios network and create original IP in the action genre, the studio has prototyped several concepts over the past 18 months with one project entering full production some 12 months ago. The project, an original action FPS for leading console platforms, comes from the studio’s Creative Director Stuart Black, previously co-creator and designer of Black (2006). The title will be Codemasters’ first new IP developed utilizing the EGO Game Technology Platform, Codemasters’ multi-platform, cross-genre development engine, following the successful reboots of established franchises including Colin McRae: DiRT, Race Driver: GRID and Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. Executive Producer Tom Gillo (previously Executive Producer and Game Director at Sony Computer Entertainment London Studio) and Senior Producer Andrew Wilson (previously Senior Producer, Split/Second at Blackrock) lead the 80-strong development team and will draw on Codemasters’ Central Technology Unit to further evolve the EGO Game Technology Platform. “Codemasters’ multi-site studio network has seen a significant rise in headcount to over 450 people and growth at the Guildford Studio is key to our overall development strategy,†said Gavin Cheshire, Vice President, Codemasters development. “With Stuart Black’s new shooter in production, deployment of EGO and key development figures heading up a highly skilled team, our Guildford facility offers great potential for development talent based in the South East who want to join a growing studio and work on original titles for our future portfolio. This current hiring phase is just the beginning as we look to build a further full team and create additional original IP on site.†For further details on the positions open at Codemasters Studio Guildford and across the Codemasters Studios group, visit www.codemasters.com/careers, @Codemastersjobs on Twitter or email recruitment@codemasters.com. Something nice to look out for!! source: http://ve3d.ign.com/articles/news/53131/Codemasters-Expands-For-New-Shooter
  17. svendejong

    Project Reality Development

    I can only speak for myself but I would welcome PR gameplay for arma2 wih wide open arms and a big smile on my face. Coop games are fun but I have not had many moments where I joined a random server and was able to enjoy mp gameplay like I did with PR BF2. And Dont get me wrong, I dont like vanilla BF2.
  18. svendejong


    Some stuff looked cool, some like a horrible German music video. If you love the original, like me, you gotta check this out: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4rj9p_tron_creation
  19. svendejong

    Dragon Rising has been released

    x2, please close.
  20. We at Zeus remove people from the server when they have the tacticle glasses addon but only after we tell them they are welcome to join without them. Folks that didn't buy the game are not welcome and are autokicked.
  21. svendejong

    BF2 patch 1.50 - released with free expansion packs.

    Misleading topic name (for now :-) )
  22. svendejong

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    quoted and signed I love arma and am not really interested in ofpDR but this tread is pointless imho. sven out