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  1. It depends. If your server still has the same ip and port it should retain its id. However if ip, port and server name has changed a new one will be generated.
  2. I had prepared with Steam support for getting the server list. Did not anticipate BI removing Gamespy completely as the Steam server query protocol sucks.. But they did. Hope to have things up and running soon.
  3. If someone has recently begun performing automated requests against arma3.swec.se with a signature like this: GET /server/xml/16818?rnd=8482 Please contact me for information on how to improve your scripts. 8 million hits over 5 days is quite enough...
  4. Which server ip / port is the server running on?
  5. For what it's worth http://arma3.swec.se/ is now up and gathering data. Might be useful to someone.
  6. zyklone

    Serverbrowser testings

    There are right now 6238 OA servers i see. If gamespy returns an entirely random sample of 500 servers your server will show once in 12.4 refreshes on average...
  7. | host | port | state | created_at | updated_at | +-------------+------+---------+---------------------+---------------------+ | | 2332 | waiting | 2009-09-03 01:44:20 | 2012-10-08 10:16:35 | It's reporting correctly to Gamespy. So there is no issue.
  8. Ofcourse not. Depends on mission, mods and addons as with all other script detections.
  9. I doubt there is any way in which that function can be allowed to be used in multiplayer. The opportunities for it to be used to steal private information from users is just too great.
  10. Guess we'll find out what DAYZ_M is eventually.. not (gametype = 'DAYZ' or gametype = 'DAYZ_M' or hostname like '%dayz%' or mission like '%dayz%')
  11. I've added a map of the locations the servers are reporting at: http://arma2.swec.se/server/country Most of the locations make sense. The rounding of the coordinates is a bit high in my opinion but i guess it doesn't matter for the server browser.
  12. Unfortunately public variable can be used to get others kicked/banned right now. Not much to do until a new battleye is released with PV fixes..
  13. zyklone

    Server Decision

    The amount of actual C developers appears to be very small in BI.. Of those I think 1 guy knows anything about Linux. The distros are not the problem. Just ignore the guys running ancient centos installs.
  14. Don't see any massive changes in the server atleast. It's using a new geo location provider.
  15. Sure there is. It's the obvious way to provide a generic network communication system.. But i certainly agree that the correct solution is to provide the source client id to the event handler. Ideally the PV variables would exist in a separate variable space also to prevent overwriting of other globals. (This is basically what old-style CTI money cheats did, they just PVed a new sum for that player) Perhaps allow missions to enable the use of public variable namespace in the mission config...