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  1. Hi there, I'd like to draw some attention on a glitch that gives players the ability to see through walls and other objects in the hope that Bohemia Interactive gets aware of how important it is to fix this. This glitch has been around for a while now breaking pvp gameplay long enough and since we're in alpha, I think there is no issue in reporting such things publicly. Here's the video showing how to reproduce: I created a report of the issue here: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=3356 Thank you for your attention, r:g
  2. Yes, I uploaded them directly to the CIT.
  3. Hi, while playing the game in career mode I stumbled over a few bugs with the interaction-icons on different helicopters. 1. There is an issue with one of the smaller side-doors on the medium type helicopters, when you open it, the interaction-icon moves on top of the chopper instead of moving with the door when it opens. So you cannot reach it and therefore you can not close the door again. 2. Also the maintenance panels on the heavy type helicopter from Vrana Corp won't open in the career mode, so you cannot inspect your helicopter properly. 3. There is also a misplaced interaction-icon on the heavy type helicopters that have a rear-gunner position. The icon for the "get in as rear gunner" - action is placed on the right side of the anti torque rotor in the air and is not reachable. This prevents from boarding that helicopter as rear gunner. Maybe there are more issues with interaction-icons on other helicopters to find. I created a cit-ticket here: http://dev-heaven.net/issues/25954
  4. Hi, there is indeed a way to change the viewdistance and the terraindetail settings for yourself after the mission has started. Quite a while ago I made an addon called Instant ViewDistance (IVD) that is updated from time to time. It allows you to change your viewdistance and terraindetail on the fly anytime you want. You can get it from here: BI Forum Thread. I Hope this is helpful to you.
  5. radical.ghost

    Instant ViewDistance v2.2 and up

    Hi, I upgraded the signature file of Instant ViewDistance to version 2. Available for download are: The whole Instant ViewDistance - AddOn with upgraded signature file, Only the v2 signature file for Instant ViewDistance See first post for download mirror. Thank you for your attention, r:g
  6. radical.ghost

    Instant ViewDistance v2.2 and up

    Yes, it (still) works. :)
  7. radical.ghost

    Steam - opinions and experiences survey

    Hi, I am against "Steam only". I live in Germany and have bought a few games via Steam and a few which I bought as retail version, but had to be activated with Steam, among them: "Aliens vs Predator 2010", which is a special story in means of censorship, which I believe every german AVP(2010) player who wanted to purchase the DLC's for that game knows quite well. I'll use this game as example to substantiate my opinion. The DLC's for AVP are just not purchaseble from Germany without gifting or other workarounds, even if the core part was available as retail version here. So you can buy, activate and play the game, but not the DLC's which are available via Steam only. If I want to purchase the DLC's or even visit the Steam store page for AVP, I get the Message: And this is just one example. There are other games available on Steam wich cannot be purchased in my country. So if I want to buy games / content via Steam, they decide what games / content I may purchase / play and which not. And it gets worse: They could do this retroactively to games which you already own if they feel the need to do so. (New laws for example which prohibit the possession of games with explicit content) So if they want / have to revoke your permission to play your game, they could do it. I understand that it is cheaper to distribute software through steam instead as retail, and that there are also advantages to the customer but the downsides are just too big for me. I for myself won't buy any more games through Steam I could also live without. Conclusion / Recommendation: If a game is available for retail purchase and for purchase via Steam: Buy the retail version. (It's a lot nicer to have your favourite games in the shelf.) Thank you for your attention, r:g
  8. radical.ghost

    MCC Sandbox - Mission making the easy way

    I like the idea of deleting and re-creating of the previous unit. Because when I hijacked an enemy unit, my previous unit came to live and went right into the battlezone by itself. So after I was finished with my hijacked unit and went back to the previous one, I had a lot to travel on foot. Maybe it had to do with a waypoint I set for myself on the map as a reference point. Also I guess it could prevent problems with getting back from hijack when the previous unit got killed during control of a hijacked unit. Thank you for your attention, r:g
  9. Hi, here's a clientside AddOn which allows the player to change his/her viewdistance on the fly in non-PvP - Missions: Instant ViewDistance Thank you for your attention, r:g
  10. radical.ghost

    MCC Sandbox - Mission making the easy way

    I could swear that those filefront - mirrors read v1.52 as i looked for the download ... but thanks a lot for the heads up, saved my evening :)
  11. radical.ghost

    MCC Sandbox - Mission making the easy way

    I did not find any download link to the new MCC, it seems to be hidden quite well ..
  12. radical.ghost

    MCC Sandbox - Mission making the easy way

    Sorry to say, but it still seems not to be working. Just tested on our dedicated server this way: 1. Started MCC 1.52 on utes 2. Logged into MCC via create zone 3. Placed Marker with text "test", color green 4. Placed Marker with text "test2" color red 5. Closed the MCC 6. Clanmate joined the server 7. Clanmate could not see both of the markers Thank you for your attention, r:g
  13. radical.ghost

    MCC Sandbox - Mission making the easy way

    Hi, a few issues here: 1. Aren't the Markers we place through the MCC supposed to be JIP - compatible? Because when we place them, no player who joins or reconnects later to a running session is able to see them on the map. 2. The ULB: If we use the UAV - Menu to place an ULB, there is no ActionMenu - Entry available to access and control the ULB (neither static nor ruck), placing a UAV instead works fine, though. Thank you for your attention, r:g
  14. radical.ghost

    Dslyecxi's MH-6 Practice Scenario

    Hi, this video tutorial about UnitPlay and UnitCapture helped me a lot to understand how it works: ryB20wQhSr0 ePszdYfMRvc Thank you for your attention, r:g
  15. radical.ghost

    MCC Sandbox - Mission making the easy way

    Thank you very much! Just tried it out and I must say this is truly awesome. Great fun and works very well. One question: I could not find the Chernarus version of the MCC Sandbox in the download package, was it purposely not included? Thank you for your attention, r:g