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  1. wow... this is an huge work. I'm speechless. . A (virtual) beer for you. I have *a lot* to study now. Thank you again.
  2. Thank you for the time spent answering to my questions. Search for the sniper (that runs away). The player (me) stays hidden, hoping not to be seen, and continue his mission. He knows that - if he or the sniper shots for whaterver reason - their life is in serious danger. In conclusion, the plot is: - the sniper stays quiet also if 2 bodyguards are present; - when VIP comes, the sniper kills the VIP (primary objective); - the bodyguards start searching the sniper; - a patrol, alarmed by the shot(s), runs out from the house to search the sniper; - the sniper runs away, attracting bodyguards and patrol behind him far from the house; if not, the player must kill everyone, but this may attract other patrol(s) (random event); - now the house is (perhaps!) unguarded, the player can sneak in and continue his missions (second objective).
  3. Thank You very much. Your help is very appreciated. In this case, where have I to paste Your code? Into in the groupleader's Object:line? Or into every soldier's Object:line? (later...) So I: - pasted Your code into init sqf, and put it into mission folder; - created an enemy patrol named "Mygroup"; - added a "wait" waypoint then a "S&D" waypoint to Mygroup; - created a Switch type "pass waypoint", activated by everyone and put "Fired" in Condition; - connected "Wait" WP to that switch but when my fellow sniper shots, Mygroup stays blocked in wait WP and do not search for us... what is wrong? Thank you.
  4. sorry to bother you again, in the same scenario (stealth mission) I need that if a shot is fired by everyone (opfor or blufor), it activates a waypoint that makes jump in a guard patrol. I've found some examples, this is one: alarmID= PLAYER addEventHandler ["Fired",{alarm = true; publicVariable "alarm";}]; but it applies only when the player (me) shots. How can I modify "PLAYER" with: "every single blufor or opfor soldier present in the scenario that opens fire"? Of course I tried "BLUFOR" (or "OPFOR") but it didn't work. Please forgive me for the trivial question, I just started to play with the editor. Thank you.
  5. Incredible... thank you for your precious work. I'm going to report your snippet to G. Severloh.
  6. Hi I'm new to mission editing, but I wish to learn. I want to set a sniper to stay hidden and quiet, until comes in his view the designated VIP to kill together in a group of enemies, *kill him only*, then runs away unharmed. Other enemies must survive. I did try a lot of failed attempts using enable/disableAI, etc. but I have to give up: the sniper always attack other enemies before and after the VIP kill. Thank you.
  7. Hallo, I wish to know if it's possible to use left-mouse key to walk ahead, instead of arrow up key (using Arma + 1.15 patch). I tried, of course, but it seems doesn't work. Sorry if already posted, I did search, but found nothing. Thanks.