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  1. do you still have the ArmA 2 f22 mod?

  2. nes4day

    [SP/CAMP] Underdogs

    Great campaign, though curious question.
  3. nes4day

    [SP] DayZero [SURVIVAL]

    Hi there: Regarding vehicles, most land vehicles can be used in their extremely damaged state, though you can find repair kits in loot boxes or purchase one from survival shop. Regarding building bases, I spent a few hours trying it out, storage depots have large amounts of construction material, you can load them in your vehicle to take it to your desired camp site (each vehicle can load a different amount of materials). Then you can freely place them however you like, I find that zombies can be kept out by building a continous wall, though certain objects, like bar gates, do not stop zombies. You can also fuel up at fuel stations around the map, which I would recommend doing instead of trying to location fuel cans. Cheers
  4. nes4day

    [SP] DayZero [SURVIVAL]

    Just thought I will give you an update, so I restarted the mission, (after I lost most of my gear playing around with the Briefcase, lesson learnt). I'm happy to report that the fuel is working, still not sure why it wasn't before, but it's all good now. And was playing around with the construction materials, they seem to work pretty well, though it seems walkers sometimes disregard the barriers (just walk right through). A minor thing I did notice was that some weapons could not be sold, I found a mk.18 off a dead guy, and decided to sell it since I had only one mag, but it didn't show up on the sell tab, same story for the PM, but the other weapons seemed ok. Quick question I 'm curious about, are the vehicles in spawned in fixed position when you start the mission? Cause I found a truck while hiking, died after I got in it, reverted to a much earlier save, and walked back there, and it was still there. Also, do vehicles re-spawn or is just a fixed amount on the map? Also, fair enough about the vehicle spawn, though it just seems a bit, well, makes the towns feels a bit, too barren. But still, fair point. And thanks for the clarification regarding zombie spawns, I will just have to figure out how to keep them away from my camp, maybe I will build a wall (as soon as I figure out how to keep them from walking through them). Also, I didn't know fast zombies were a thing, they were a nice (well, not really, more like dreadful) surprise.
  5. nes4day

    [SP] DayZero [SURVIVAL]

    Thank you for your reply, I will definitely look more into the refueling situation later after work, and let you know what's going on. Regarding vehicles, I'm not sure where the current spawn zones for them are, but my suggestions would be, industrial areas, car pars around shops etc, with a small chance of abandoned vehicles along roads. But I will check out the remote areas later as well. And yea, I only spent a little bit of time getting into the mechanism of the mission, so more reading and discoveries will be needed. If I can just make one more suggestion, maybe adjust the walker spawn script so they don't spawn in extremely remote areas, I set up camp deep inside a forest, where there was no walkers, and they started spawning (a lot) in a few minutes. It does make the hiding out in the bush thing a moot point. Thank again
  6. nes4day

    [SP] DayZero [SURVIVAL]

    Spent a few hours on 1.4, really enjoyed it thus far. Though just a couple of little things. I can't seem to get the fuel to work, found a little bird, repaired it ok, but when I try to use the fuel can (petrol), nothing happens, same thing happened again when I tried to refuel a HMMWV, but at least this one had some fuel and I could use it for a bit. Vehicle spawn is a bit too scarce, I've found one little bird and one hmmwv (at the same airfield mind you) through about 4 and hours of gameplay, where I walked from one end of Cherno to the other, across towns, cities, FOBs, and Airfields, it would be nice to have a little bit more vehicle. Perhaps include a in-game description of the various conditions and how to treat them, such as what does screen shaking mean etc. And I had no idea what to do with the Warehouse full of construction material. And the walkers sometimes disregard walls completely. Also, just a question, are all the NPC besides the dealers and their guards hostile? But all in all, pretty fun so far, I particular enjoyed it when a Blackhawk showed up, I followed it, and it just crashed, fought off some baddies and got some nice look, that was a nice touch. Looking forward to more in the future, and hopefully on other maps as well.
  7. I'm afraid you have me at a loss here, I did not say anything about forgetting A2 and only counting OFP, and as the figures have shown, A3 has the most rotary, the biggest usable maps, the most SP missions, and also superior in many aspects to that of A1 and lacking some to that of A2, this was presented as a fact only post with some of my opinion down there with it for discussion. I'm not sure what you're going on about here. Seconded:yay:
  8. Right, thanks, though I'm not sure if the M1014 is there as an actual thing or just a placeholder. Anyway, I will see if I get around to fixing it. Thanks for letting me know. That explains a few mental blocks I've been having, I could've sworn I was going crazy over when the Su-34 was introduced :P The reused chassis I can live with (since it's the same faction's vehicles), so are the turrets (though I would've preferred if they were just a little bit different). But the same UAV/UGV across the three different factions really get me annoyed.
  9. Well, like mentioned earlier, a large portion of A2 wepons/vehicles were from A1, which I might demonstrate with a graph later if I ever get this report done, but ok. Um yea.
  10. I actually have tallied all those as well, just got lazy and didn't do a combined table and didn't finish off all the graphs :P, maybe if get around to a round two, I will include the patches, the dlcs etc to see where ArmA 3 might end up like in the future.
  11. That's an excellent idea, I might do that when I get bored again this weekend. I read Marek Španěl's interview, apparently they are going to release A2 content package so that we can import them to A3 like we did for ArmA to ArmA 2.
  12. For me personally, that would be the bus. :P True, but ArmA 3's weapons are not "lacking" as some people were suggesting (FB/Youtube comments). No. Reskin's are not counted, nor are the same gun with different scopes etc. If that is true then that would be good news, but I've heard nothing of the sort. We can only hope.
  13. Just going through ArmA 3's facebook feed, and can't help but notice the amount of people complaining about the lack of content for A3's release. (That and FPS issue which I'm not experiencing, so no comment) So I've decided to take a a quick look at initial release package volume for all ArmA titles in history. Please note that for OFP (aka ArmA CWC), the free addon content were omitted from the count, but since I'm doing that off memory, I might've gotten some wrong. Also note that different variants of the same vehicle/weapon were not counted (and this was done by my judgement as in what is "variant") And the vehicles that are of the exact same models in A3 are counted as 1 entry only (eg, the Mk6 mortar, and the UAV/UGVs) I did not count the statistic weapons as I'm simply not that interested in them, and not because I've forgotten. Ok, let's get started. Firstly, aircraft As you can see, A3, though do not lack in rotary, does indeed lack some fixed winged support. Other Military Vehicles Note that proper artillery use was not introduced unit A2. Other vehicles Note that UAV was introduced in A2 and subs in A3 Moving on to weapons. Rifle So A3 doesn't lack weapons, it's just that A2 had a ridiculous amount of them. Also let's not forget that A3 introduced the attachment system (hooray!) Other weapons Note that the A3 shotgun is an unconfirmed one, some tell me it's there, other's say no, I can't find it, but here it is anyways. Maps Ok, this one was tricky, while I was able to get the precise data for Altis and Cherno, Sahrani and the old OFP maps were bit more difficult. After some searching and unscientific calculations, I've put Sahrani at about 120sqkm of land area, and since by comparison, the main islands from OFP are about the same size as Sahrani when combined, that's where those data came from. Sorry about that. And finally Playable missions (Single Only) The campaigns are counted by "playable missions", cutscenes, maps, etc omitted. So to me, A3 in most parts, is just another regular content release, with a couple of minor (ok, maybe not minor), omissions. I personally, besides the lack of fixed wing and the missing shotgun (KSG-12). Am not displeased with the A3 initial package, but it does feel a bit "lite". As much as I'm a supporter of the "quality over quantity" approach, a bit more stuff (planes, shotgun, bikes), would've been great, but again, I won't complain. And also, yes, I'm aware that I've left out a lot of things, such as attachments, explosives etc, but this is just a general opinion piece, not my term paper, so unless I get really bored, they won't be included. Anyways, I'm just posting this here to see what everyone else thinks. And I might put up a few up graphs if this thread gathers some traction. Thank all And sorry about the long post.
  14. nes4day

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    Please refer to your PM for my reply. No, it doesn't lock out your account, like mentioned above, it will ban you from VAC secured servers, and in some games, you will be banned from their online services (COD for instance).
  15. nes4day

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    W0lle, if I may just say this, I understand what you mean by possible copyright infringement on Steam Workshop, but I have seen work that was labelled Nexus Exclusive for Skyrim loaded to the Workshop and when people complained, it has been taken off, well if may not be as strictly monitored as the BI Forum, but the complaint system still works. And going back to copyright infringement, there is nothing to stop someone from downloading an addon from Armaholic, rip it, modify it, then upload it to some Belorussian website (no offense intended to any Belorussians on the forum here). Sure, the exposure is no where near as high as the Workshop, but still the practice can exist. And besides, Workshop integration is not even mention (or it might've been) and certainly not confirmed, so let's wait and see before getting upset over what might be and what not.