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  1. neildood

    Arma 3 plans for 2013

    Amazing news, though i keep hitting the buy it now button..:)
  2. neildood

    Development Blog & Reveals

    lol at the guy falling out the window
  3. neildood


    I get a virus/trojan warning when i click on author link... im using avast antivirus in vistax86. Rapid share download also does not work. Why is this?
  4. neildood

    More 8800 and ArmA problems

    Dont worry i had the same problem in Vista but i now have a second hard drive with XP and now Arma shuts down without the problem now. Arma and Vista is like heaven and hell as someone as mentioned before, run it in xp you will find a hell of a difference. My temps can get to 70c under load, make sure you have your fan set to 90-100% as at default the cards run at 60% which is not enough. Install rivatuner and see what your temps and fan speed is set too, if it is at default 60% increase as mentioned above.
  5. neildood

    8800 problem or ArmA?

    You need to post your machine spec, operating system etc to give us an idea to what your problem could be. I have installed the beta updates for vista and have found more stability with the game (no crashes etc) also i seem to have slightly better stable frame rates.
  6. neildood

    8800 problem or ArmA?

    Went back to XP done a fresh install of Arma and performance is twice as good as Vista for me, only gripe i have is with the dam 'FOG/HAZE' issue, can this not be fixed??
  7. neildood

    Nvidia BETA Fog Bug Driver Fix For 8800 Users

    Put ur viewdistance to 4000 or 8000 and it should stop looking pants in v1.08. Thanks that seemed to work better with a lose of frame rates though, cheers for that
  8. neildood

    Nvidia BETA Fog Bug Driver Fix For 8800 Users

    Hi I still am having this haze/ fog effect with my 8800GTS with latest drivers (163.11 Vista), has anyone got this running with an 8800 without the haze/fog? Does anyone know what is the definate fault here as i can no longer play this with the haze/fog effect as it looks pants.
  9. neildood

    Arma for XBOX 360?

    You can plug a keyboard/mouse into a ps3 which works fine and im sure you could a xbox360, so why couldnt it happen?
  10. neildood

    1.08 Troubleshooting thread.

    Well im going to eat my words, i complained about texture problem etc earlier and decided to completly remove arma and reinstall. Removed all trace of Arma, reinstalled then patched to v1.05, updated new nvidia driver v160.04, patched arma to v1.08, set maxmem=512 and the game now runs like a charm. Persistence paid off, very happy now!
  11. neildood

    1.08 Troubleshooting thread.

    Hi Has anyone got Armed assault working in Vista yet, i have installed the new patch ok with no hitch. The game starts up ok with no problem then after playing for 10mins, looking at building trees etc. the textures look flat and lifeless?? I just wanted to know if anyone else is playing this game ok with similar system under vista as i dont know if its the game developer fault, vista not compatible or bad nvidia drivers? Done maxmem, updated drivers etc etc. Dissapointed user...
  12. neildood

    ArmA Graphics Problem

    Yea i have similar spec as you guys and after patching started to play expecting to sort out the texture bug but no, still no joy Still get the problem that building textures or trees after time become bland and lifeless, i only have vista as it is a new prebuilt machine and still having these problems. Ive tried all the recomended posts (drivers/maxmem etc, ect) on how to fix but still doesnt run properly, vista and armed assault= not compatible at moment. Other games i have (which is many) run fine so this will have to go back on the shelf. Very dissapointed...
  13. neildood

    Help! Please!

    Are you sure its a 1.07 server? If the server doesnt accept 1.07 patch then it wont work. Yep it was v1.07, i found the way to get it to work was to totally disable my Avast anti virus software. I sure didnt have to do that with v1.05, i will try again this evening just to confirm.
  14. neildood

    Help! Please!

    Im having the same problem and i cant connect, it only happens with the latest beta 1.07 version in vista. Version 1.05 works fine, any ideas?
  15. neildood


    I have to agree it would be wrong to add children to this game, at the end of the day the parents bring them into this world and train teach them the ways they have been living. That may involve guns and war but they are inocent, you must remember they were programmed from birth