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  1. having played the original when it came out, 'bomberman' is my favourite mission/level of any game, so a massive thanks to all involved in cwr4, i'[ve had a big grin on my face for the last hour :D
  2. i was having the 'x3dAudio1_6dll was not found' problem, tried the update directx fix and that didn't work, so i simply downloaded the single dll from here (the download link is halfway down the page in the free download box on the right) and it fixed it!!!!! don't know why, it just did. if this stops just one person tearing their hair out, it's worth it!
  3. superb, i thought the patch might make a difference. better get the order in :D cheers guys
  4. hi, after being a flashpoint and then arma fan, i thought i'd have no chance running arma 2 on my rig (x2 3800, 2 gig ram, radeon x1900, win xp) but i downloaded the demo off steam and have spent the night with a smile on my face :D i only get 17 in the benchmark test, but had no crashes and tried every mission. there were a few stutters and texture load problems, but no show stoppers. so i'm wondering, is the full game likely to give me the same performance, or is there no chance of that because the gameworld is much larger, because if it is i'll be getting my copy pronto! i didn't try it with my joystick or trackir, but assume they won't effect performance as they don't in fsx. (edit) just had a crash to desktop lol, thought it was going too well