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  1. Title: Apocalypse Type: SP Mission Side / Role: West / Various Version: 5.03 Arma2 Version: CO 1.60 Date: 2012-Nov-26 Addons: (included in ZIP) Author: markb50k CLICK HERE FOR APOCALYPSE/LOST FAQ/Gameplay Hints Description: APOCALYPSE is a "fire-and-forget" whole island battle mission. I give you a ton of options to organize what factions (including many supported faction addons) into either a 2 sided or 3 sided war. When the mission starts you will be flown into the battle area with your allies and thats when the fun begins. Each side will invade, attempt to take the island with an ever updating strategy. Each side will automatically receive reinforcements periodically (you can view your own reinforcement queue) until all their reserves run out. The mission ends when all camps on the island are controlled by one side. This mission takes alot of code from my prior mission LOST and adds in the whole island war scenario Really, if you've ever wondered how the US and USMC would do fighting beside eachother against the Russians, or the Takistanis, or the Royal Sahrani Marines. Or if you ever wanted to fighting IRAN vs Takistan, or even IRAN vs IRAN.. this is it. Its easy to set up and you get instant strategic war. Supported Islands: ORDER OF BATTLE: Choosable Factions... Features: Version 5.03: - new : in MISCELLANEOUS menu (0-8-6) option to 'unstick' stuck AI. sometimes AI just wont move lots of time due to either being stuck in a pistol holding animation or sometimes after emerging from water. I've seen this in the vanilla game as well. now you can go up to an AI and select this and the AI will be 'unstuck'. - new : for other AI, code will attempt to unstick AI periodically on its own in the background - tweak : LOST mode - when loading cache on vehicles, better handling of loading back on vehicle it was just unloaded off of. - numerous small bug fixes Upcoming: - Taviana - Esbekistan Install: Included missions folder go into your ARMA 2 Missions folder: ARMA 2/Missions/MARKB50K's Apocalypse Missions/*.pbo For the ADDON pbos, Recommend using modfolder included in the download. Example directory structure using a modfolder named @markb50k_Apocalypse (you can name it whatever you like): @markb50k_Apocalypse/Addons/MARKB50K_Apocalypse.pbo @markb50k_Apocalypse/Addons/MARKB50K_Config_Chechen.pbo (use this ONLY if you are running Stagler's Chechen Rebels and want the option of Chechens on any side) @markb50k_Apocalypse/Addons/MARKB50K_Config_Iran.pbo (use this ONLY if you are running Iranian Forces Mod and want the option of these units on any side) ..etc.. for all other config pbos Then make sure you add @markb50k_Apocalypse to your -mod parameter in your game startup shortcut. Credits: Scripts inspired by: "Dynamic Weather" by RUBE "Random Position Generator" by Shuko "Group Manager / Equipment Editor" by Clayman "High Command Extensions" by DomZ "MIP (updated ALICE/SILVIE modules)" by wolffy.au & zGuba "AI Unit Caching" by (AEF)Wolffy.au Thanks: BI for Arma2 Obviously Clayman for the initial inspiration. Previous versions: Download: File @ Mediafire File @ Armaholic (Be sure to check version, as the mirror is often behind in version)
  2. seems a simple question so hopefully it is. Very intrigued by ALIVE and want to play a nice simple full island battle with most of the features. Don't want Zeus (seems to take me out of the immersion). Where can I find scenarios. Been looking on Armaholic but it seems hard to find ALIVE specific ones. The ones of the ALIVE mod website don't seem to load up for me. Any recommendations/links. Looking for one that takes no dependent mods other than the ALIVE standards. Thanks!
  3. I bought CDs with Arma 2 and OA years ago and have been playing on my PC just fine. Trying to install it on a new laptop and the laptop has no DVD/CD drive. I have the registration keys, but how can get the game DL'd to my Laptop? Any ideas?
  4. Taken a BIG break from Arma, but starting to think about coming back.. Are there any tricks or FAQs I need to read to convert this thing to Arma 3???
  5. No promised timeframe, but since I will eventually be playing ARMA 3, I will try to port these mission to it as well. At this point, i'm in a Skyrim modding mood and am 'on-break' from ARMA 2, so it'll be after that. Appreciate the good words. As for performance, not sure what even changed between 5.0.1 and the latest version, surely nothing that would affect frame rates.
  6. Title: Lost Type: SP Mission Side / Role: West / Various Version: 5.7 Arma2 Version: CO 1.60 Date: 2012-07-09 Addons: (included in ZIP) Author: markb50k Features: LOST now merged into the APOCALYPSE mission as a selectable MODE. Please go here to get LOST. APOCALYPSE Thread Previous versions:
  7. Calling support as you suspected doesn't let you control another friendly but it does make them go to a specified location you select on the map. It's cheaper to do this than order reinforcements but you have less control over what the support does. I hardly use it. Rather I save up and just order reinforcements that I can control. Like other reinforcements you can order a hq unit when you've earned 1000 support points. Other unit types cost various amounts Currently what I do since I like a challenge is I set friendly forces to 0 on the initial dialog and go lone wolf and try to win by earning points and bringing in my own reinforcements. I search every house I can and try to capture enemy vehicles and put friendly troops in them. Then I use a feature called 'releasing' to basically give up control of the group back to AI control. When you do this you can gain bonus support points pretty quickly. When I gain several thousand points I bring in a bunch of reinforcements at one time and go on the attack. I also normally only get a small number of he upgrades usually just the static aa upgrade so i have something to take out enemy air which I find to be my worst enemy.
  8. well, good to see that the FPS issues on your machine have abated, good news. As for random CTD, i have been playing a long-term mission over the last couple of weeks and have been taking the updates just as you guys are and I havent had a single CTD. so perhaps you are using a new beta build? or maybe a mod is causing it. i cleaned up all my mods writing fixes into them for my personal use, so its possible its a conflict with one of your mods.. let me know which ones you are using and i'll see if any of them were problematic for me. ---------- Post added at 22:17 ---------- Previous post was at 22:02 ---------- Well, first, i put together a FAQ that discusses many of the points that you bring up. I would definitely check that out. theres a link to it on the first post. I'm guessing your playing in the default gamemode where you start the game coming in on a boat or a plane, yes, so my answers will go off that assumption. The objective of the game is to take all camp markers and make them blue, and have them be blue ALL at the same time. if any are enemy controlled (red/green) or non-controlled (black) you cannot win. your role is a subordinate unit within your side's forces with the ability to take on additional troops. when you start, you have no subordinate squads and no squadmates. you can gain them by earning support points by taking camps, or killing enemies, or searching house, or taking intel of off of enemy leader's corpses. when you gain enough points you can order certain unit types from your REINFORCEMENT menu, 0-8-2 I am guessing that you know how to order reinforcements since you say you already have a HQ. Unless you chose to start with the HQ in the beginning? Please let me know which. if you chose to start with a HQ, my guess is that you havent gained enough support points to request anything. Perhaps the reinforcements you see dropping in are not your reinforcements at all, and are AI controlled. You will KNOW they are yours when they join your squad. if they dont join your squad they arent the troops you ordered. So please confirm that you are really requesting reinforcements properly through the REINF menu 0-8-2 and you see your support points being taken away when ordering them. Also, please realize that you have to use the "High Command" functionality that comes with the vanilla game to control subordinate squads. You can keep all troops that join your squad in the same squad with you, but it gets a bit hard to control all of them. you can use the High Command functionality to assist you. This involves splitting off soldiers from your squad into their own squad and using the CTRL+Space buttons to enter high command mode. WIthout me wasting anymore time with explanations, please let me know if you are following me so far and let me know if some of my assumptions are true that 1) you are unfamiliar with High Command and 2) you may not be ordering any reinforcements properly. Those are the most logical explanations to me why you may be having such difficulty with the mission. Dont hesitate to ask more questions, its my pleasure to help.
  9. Version 5.03: - new : in MISCELLANEOUS menu (0-8-6) option to 'unstick' stuck AI. sometimes AI just wont move lots of time due to either being stuck in a pistol holding animation or sometimes after emerging from water. I've seen this in the vanilla game as well. now you can go up to an AI and select this and the AI will be 'unstuck'. - new : for other AI, code will attempt to unstick AI periodically on its own in the background - tweak : LOST mode - when loading cache on vehicles, better handling of loading back on vehicle it was just unloaded off of. - numerous small bug fixes
  10. First of all touristo, THANK YOU for your in-depth description of your game play, I find it really rewarding to see how people are utilizing my mission. I hoped that its open-ended design allowed people to construct all kinds of scenarios with it, and you are proof... Thank you, it makes my work worth it.. as for your questions.. enemy units are only visible if any friendly units have a "knowsabout" level greater than 1. This is similar to how the standard MARTA/HC rules apply, so I am not giving you any more info than you would normally get. when you have friendly aircraft you get a much better view of the enemy, but those enemy icons only show up if you have actual in-game knowledge of them. i try to keep it somewhat realistic in this regard.. HC icons are not affected by friendly town sightings. only through this "knowsabout" level that the game-engine keeps track of Special Actions: if you give your troops first aid kits or repair kits, etc, you can have them repair or heal other units by ordering them to do these special actions. the code will detect whether anything is needing healing or repairing in the vicinity of the ordered unit. so, its a way of allowing you to send troops out and search for vehicles to repair and capture without you having to be there. I removed all team switching capability from the mission, hardly anyone used it, and it was a coding nightmare to make it work properly with all the features i give to the player. so, the only option you have to take on another character is to die and respawn as a random unit type.
  11. Interesting analysis, I like it! Hopefully we can figure something out to assist you..
  12. From your question above, you asked if its ok to update the properties like on Car : LandVehicle.. that is not a good idea and is bad coding practice. you NEVER want to overwrite any property or rename anything on the base BIS classes. you can make your own class and inherit Car like "class DeltaHawk_HMMWV : Car" etc, and change the names on that new class, but dont change the original class. if you do, EVERY other object in the game that extends off of "Car" will get your changes, and stuff WILL break. Not sure of what you were saying in that post, but just in case I wanted to make you aware... Good Luck.. your mod looks promising..
  13. that issue that you are having, the black screen stuck at "generating factions", thats could be a bug in my code, that is a parsing error in one of my faction files. try to reproduce it, and then when it happens, check your .RPT file and look for the script error message usually at the bottom of the file, that will tell me what faction file it is in. Thanks
  14. that's strange. anyone else getting this? no real changes in code since what you are playing, especially if its a restart. are you using the new mission pbos that i put out a version or two ago? Other than that, i think its got to be another mod you have. If you want to mess around, try starting the mission with smaller and smaller amount of AI to see if that works... Kinda lost for recommendations here.. also maybe select it to not use dynamic weather, that another semi-large process. viewdistance at 3500 is a bit high as well, maybe lower that.. just grasping for straws here
  15. To get the new addon, the su15 yes. The tweaks however are autoupdated so no need to restart
  16. Features: Version 5.01: - new addon : Su-15TM Flagon - tweak : upped cost of Infantry and SF Squad - tweak : kills by troops under your command award you support points (formerly was just for your kills) - numerous small bug fixes
  17. markb50k

    Dutch Armed Forces

    you might also want to set the scope of the AMB guys to 1, the original ones crash my game to desktop, and the new daf_amb_1 is ALL RED. The only guy that works is the test guy you put in the dutch pack
  18. markb50k

    Dutch Armed Forces

    DAF has a version of the GLT F16 that uses the mod name "GLT_f16" instead of "GLT_Falcon". The easiest way to fix this is to either.... edit the config file in the GLT_F16 pbo to add the GLT_falcon mod name like this: class CfgPatches { class glt_f16 { units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] = {"CAWeapons", "CAAir", "GLT_Missilebox", "Extended_EventHandlers"}; }; class GLT_FALCON { units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] = {"CAWeapons", "CAAir", "GLT_Missilebox", "Extended_EventHandlers"}; }; }; OR, edit your _a2_config and _oa_config PBOs and go into the config files and EDIT the "requiredAddons" line by replacing "GLT_Falcon" with "GLT_F16" Larsiano said he didnt edit the GLT F16 pbo, so he may have an updated version from GLT Myke. I'm not sure, but the above is how you can fix your issue
  19. markb50k


    well traversing the configs of the VME PLA is a bit confusing because they put ALMOST all configs in one file, WHICH IS GOOD, but they left some in separate PBOs... oh well.. Well anyway, the main config pbo is VME_PLA_MEN_C and in it is has a main config.bin with all the infantry configs, but it also has almost twenty other subdirectories with other configs in it. To fix the RPG rounds, you need to edit the config in the vme_pla_men_c/vme_pla_weapons_c directory. In that file, under CfgAmmo, replace the current references of the two type69 rounds from this: class VME_PLA_R_69III_AT: RocketBase { hit = 650; indirectHit = 20; indirectHitRange = 1; model = "\vme_pla_weapons\PG7_Rocket"; cost = 300; initTime = 0.1; thrust = 280; thrustTime = 1; maxSpeed = 295; sideAirFriction = 0.5; timeToLive = 4.5; fuseDistance = 5; visibleFire = 28; audibleFire = 16; CraterEffects = "ATRocketCrater"; explosionEffects = "ATRocketExplosion"; effectsMissile = "missile2"; whistleDist = 4; }; class VME_PLA_R_69HE_AT: VME_PLA_R_69III_AT { hit = 75; indirectHit = 20; indirectHitRange = 15; cost = 100; whistleDist = 24; }; to this: class R_PG7VL_AT; class VME_PLA_R_69III_AT: R_PG7VL_AT{}; class R_OG7_AT; class VME_PLA_R_69HE_AT: R_OG7_AT{}; Then under CfgMagazines... replace this: class VME_PLA_69III: CA_LauncherMagazine { scope = 2; model = "\ca\weapons\PG7VL_proxy"; modelSpecial = "\ca\weapons\rpg7_launcher_loaded"; displayName = "69-III(HEAT)"; ammo = "VME_PLA_R_69III_AT"; reloadAction = "ManActReloadAT"; picture = "\CA\weapons\data\equip\m_PG7VL_ca.paa"; initSpeed = 115; descriptionShort = ""; }; class VME_PLA_69HE: CA_LauncherMagazine { scope = 2; model = "\ca\weapons\OG7V_proxy"; modelSpecial = "\ca\weapons\rpg7o_launcher_loaded"; displayName = "69-HE(HE)"; ammo = "VME_PLA_R_69HE_AT"; reloadAction = "ManActReloadAT"; picture = "\CA\weapons\data\equip\M_OG7V_ca.paa"; initSpeed = 115; descriptionShort = ""; }; class VME_PLA_69IIIA: CA_LauncherMagazine { scope = 2; model = "\vme_pla_weapons\PG7_proxy"; modelSpecial = "\vme_pla_weapons\vme_pla_PF69_Launcher_loaded"; displayName = "69-IIIA(HEAT)"; ammo = "VME_PLA_R_69III_AT"; reloadAction = "ManActReloadAT"; picture = "\CA\weapons\data\equip\m_PG7VL_ca.paa"; initSpeed = 115; descriptionShort = ""; }; class VME_PLA_69HEA: CA_LauncherMagazine { scope = 2; model = "\vme_pla_weapons\PG7_proxy"; modelSpecial = "\vme_pla_weapons\vme_pla_PF69_Launcher_loaded"; displayName = "69-HEA(HE)"; ammo = "VME_PLA_R_69HE_AT"; reloadAction = "ManActReloadAT"; picture = "\CA\weapons\data\equip\M_OG7V_ca.paa"; initSpeed = 115; descriptionShort = ""; }; with this: class PG7VL; class VME_PLA_69III: PG7VL { displayName = "69-III(HEAT)"; ammo = "VME_PLA_R_69III_AT"; descriptionShort = ""; }; class OG7; class VME_PLA_69HE: OG7 { displayName = "69-HE(HE)"; ammo = "VME_PLA_R_69HE_AT"; descriptionShort = ""; }; class VME_PLA_69IIIA: VME_PLA_69III { displayName = "69-IIIA(HEAT)"; }; class VME_PLA_69HEA: VME_PLA_69HE { displayName = "69-HEA(HE)"; }; have fun!
  20. Thanks And let me be clear. I give my permission to anyone out there who wants to take a crack at putting out a coop version. Just credit me or send me the attempt and I can help push it across the finish line. I know that it may have to be a stripped down version of the mission without a lot of the player centric functionality to make it work multiplayer
  21. if you want to take a stab at it, please do. Like i said, its probably easier than i imagine, but i dont want to start the whole process of converting to MP, since I have NEVER played MP and I dont plan to. Takes too much of family time away. ---------- Post added at 22:24 ---------- Previous post was at 22:19 ---------- well, especially in LOST, less in Apocalypse, alot of logic is based on which town you are in, so I usually like to have a good number of towns in the game. for certain maps i felt there wasnt enough towns or the island maker is using NameLocals that arent detected by my code. So, to adjust that, I specify in certain islands specific locations that the mission will consider a 'town'. For instance in Zagrabad i break up the main city into sub sections to make more sense game-play wise. In that array, i also specify whether to create a name label on the map for the city or to just use the label that may already be there from the island maker. Hope that explains it. Glad to see someone inspecting the script files. That's how I learned how to code too! :)
  22. markb50k


    Figured it out (re: graphical glitches), its the type69 rpg round, i believe the "69-IIIA(HEAT)" magazine. when the AT soldier arms his rpg and the round is showing, you get spammed with graphical glitches. I fixed it in my own personal config by just having it inherent the BIS rpg7v magazines instead of its own model.
  23. after you have earned 1000 support points, you will have an option under your reinforcements menu (0-8-2) to order an HQ. select that and after a few minutes your HQ will arrive as a reinforcement. you could also elect to start the mission with a HQ, by selecting the option on the first menu screen you see when you start the mission.