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  1. Just wondering who we consider the 'dark side' to be on this one, given 40+ years of hindsight.
  2. Hi da12thMonkey, thanks for replying. Unfortunately no, I don't have hide materials checked, in that toolbar all that I have checked are 'show shadow' and 'centre to pin'. Strangely my diffuse is showing, which makes me think I'm attaching the rvmat incorrectly. I still don't understand why I can see it when packed and in game though.
  3. Hope someone can help me, I'm getting to grips with making addons here, I've made a simple helmet model, I have it packed up and viewable in arsenal, and the rvmats including normal are showing. In bulldozer however, I can only see the diffuse. I dont want to have to pack it up and fire up the game everytime I want to make a change to maps, does anybody know of something obvious that may be causing the rvmats not to show in bulldozer?
  4. That looks interesting Sniperwolf. Still probably beyond my abilities so far in the setting up. Is that something that can be defined in the config file of an addon like the diffuse map then?
  5. Just wondering why BI don't release proper templates? Extracting a .paa is all well and good but you're never going to get a great result without Ambient occlusion, cavity, height map layers etc - and we can't bake our own from existing models. It would be nice to be able to edit a normal map too without hex editing, which I believe we're not permitted to do ( unless it is possible to edit the normals and I'm missing something? ) I know there's a template for base uniforms out there, but its strange that all assets don't have a template to go with them, considering the game plays and relys on the mod card so much.
  6. Hey TPW, Well I've noticed it in 'Chernarus Summer' and Altis, and also in the virtual arsenal ( It does seem to only happen when I select a RHS body/uniform ), but perhaps it could be an issue with the .hpp file, I'll delete and re download and get back to you with that. ---------- Post added at 15:15 ---------- Previous post was at 14:31 ---------- Well, i deleted the mod and downloaded the latest version, I'd been using it through Play withSix and something must have gone awry, it seems fine now. Sorry for the confusion! :)
  7. Hey guys, has anybody noticed a conflict with RHS: Escalation? Seems to affect combat pace and slow walk when standing upright, as in you can't move. When crouched things work ok. Wonderful mod btw, adds so much atmosphere, in case I haven't mentioned it anywhere to you before :)
  8. manfred89

    Sangin WIP

    Hey, yes indeed, basically all the walls that I can step over but the AI can't, it leaves them rushing around looking for gaps, and you loose them soon enough. If you can change this it would be amazing, though I'm not sure how it could be done, as the same problem exists on Altis?
  9. manfred89

    Sangin WIP

    I love this map, fantastic for close in claustrophobic combat. I wish BI would allow the AI to step over bloody walls though, makes single player almost useless.
  10. http://tinypic.com/r/2qt91d5/8 http://tinypic.com/r/25sqyps/8 Hey all, wondering if I can get some advice: I'd like to make a replacement head wearing a balaclava,( images linked above are WIP zbrush sculpts built around the sample head, that's all I have at the moment ) I assume it must be possible as we can switch between African, White, Asian, Greek etc. I know there are other balaclava and masks mods out there, I just personally don't like the way they clip through the head model and use other equipment slots. I'm just wondering if anybody knows of a tutorial that could aid me with making replacement heads. Thanks a lot.
  11. manfred89


    Brilliant da12th Monkey, thanks for your help :)
  12. manfred89


    Hey guys, I wonder could you help me out. The helmet that these guys are wearing, which appears to me like a mich without the protrusions to the sides, and seems to have been used by ksk in photos I've seen, do you know what it is called and do you know of any good reference material for it? I think I've read that it was a German Fallschirmjaeger helmet but that may be nonsense. Also, the brand of goggles the guys in the 2nd and third pic are using, do you happen to know them? Thanks a lot :) https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/ca/Zugriff.jpg (1055 kB)
  13. manfred89

    Stratis or Altis Cut? Sample Map

    That's a shame actually, for example, it would be pretty cool to see Altis and Stratis rebuilt as ww2 era for a ww2 mod ( remove all the more modern elements to the map )
  14. manfred89

    Arma 3 Video Tutorials

    Thanks to both of you, nice to see another Irishman here Slatts :) I intend to contribute some mods soon enough, I can do the modelling and texturing bit, the getting things in game without pulling my hair out will be the tricky bit I think.