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  1. if they have the same pack id imagine... It makes it a hell of alot easier to actually cycle through them rather than the current way I have to do it
  2. Thinking more like an extra tab in the Loadout editor
  3. Good evening all, Was wondering if anyone knows of any mods that would allow me to add or change patches of individual characters in the editor? Ive seen a few youtube videos of people doing just that but none actually state the mod being used. Anyone have any suggestions on top of that for loadout editor mods that "open" it up more. Cheers
  4. all replaced, is there anyway that another mod would interfere? ---------- Post added at 17:29 ---------- Previous post was at 17:22 ---------- just ran bare bones with FAC and CBA. Still missing the units. It weird because i was able to play version 1.0 no problem and i really liked the look of this. Anyone got any ideas?
  5. when i try to take a plane for example this is the error "no entry bin\config.bin/cfgvehicles/Len_Marines_pilot.simulation"
  6. non ace, installed as per the instr. ace files with the 3 non ace. use mod folders and turned all off except forze and CBA
  7. Hey there, i seem to be unable to get any of your troops. I have your BFS troops, but the others are missing; tho i have the aircraft and vehicles (they do not work without the troops). It keeps mentioning Len_marines in the error messages.
  8. little fatso

    Iraqi National Guard Unit

    where is this located under, i have searched under everything in the map editor, but nothing turns up?
  9. little fatso


    thanks will look at it now.
  10. little fatso

    House Divided.

    its lookin very good guys!
  11. little fatso


    i was wondering if anyone knew where i could find a US Sheridan light tank...just really want one. thanks in advance!