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  1. leehy

    Why is this game not more popular?

    reqire high-spec stupid ai sim looks arcade fps (arma2 original is arcade) very sux MOD install & multiplayer no deep affect game is drying its not miltray sim , campaing is just arcade like MOH,COD sing play missions should be provide miltary life, not just shoot kill
  2. leehy

    AA units, and why we hate them.

    The birth of the OFP1/A1,A2 for the initial test work only from the military supply This is the real reason for the CM to the BIS break up OFP2/ARMA2 If you want realistic AA system purchasing OFP2. Such as the Hollywood movie effect
  3. leehy

    Armor Warfare

    what to expect $59 software? It is also one half of the $59 campaign If you want a real vehicle system, purchase the vbs2 BIS salve the Community addons with free
  4. very disappointed about that ARMA2 dosent support a SLI It is expensive to pay upgrading my PC, but all fail
  5. Arrowhead also will release later ARMA 2 GOLD is going to half sale. The wait time. Like arma1 gold
  6. ARMA2 campaign has been in VBS2 experimental work for is ARMA3. ARMA2 is $59 for half a Campaign. If you pay $ 100 for the rest of the half play
  7. Thanks. It very similar to crysis SSAO applied. But Arma2 look I feel like a 3d shadow
  8. leehy

    ARMA 2 - Building Destruction

    Building Destruction is not all of building. there is few speical building will Destruction. only few some building are Destruction system. and its not speical. it just remve polygon. its will not stragic tactics postion.
  9. it will same weapon handling likes OFP1. still dont match gun&hand postion in ARMA2 screen shot i recommend HL2 INS mod. this is perfect scope system and reloading animation and weapon system.
  10. BI cant make advanvce  aircraft/vehicle targetting system. even navgation system like simple waypoint(VOR). they cant. dont have coding skill. BI turst ueser addon and arma 2 will same. forgot it  advanvce  aircraft/vehicle targetting system. BI cant make it. look at arma 2 engine. this is c++ engine limited.