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  1. killerwhale

    CreateMarker issue

    I was able to use this code. provided that the unit knows about any enemies around. it works
  2. killerwhale

    CreateMarker issue

    ouch, there is syntax error in this. tried but no success in fixing it
  3. killerwhale

    CreateMarker issue

    Thanks for the response but the problem still exists. the side check should take place somewhere in this code reason being, the emediate thing the script does is find any vehicle nearest and sticks with it without first checking the side, so if we put this only has effect on whether we should create the marker or not and has no effect on the side of the vehicle. so if the unit closest is west, and we have east unit somewhere within range, the east will never be selected, because simply it is not the closest. what other command can I use, nearTargets gives error findNearestEnemy i couldnt get it to work,
  4. killerwhale

    CreateMarker issue

    help please how can you check the side of "Tank"?, i want a marker created on any eastern tanks detected. problem is, it creates the marker even on western tanks
  5. killerwhale

    CreateMarker issue

    hmm, interesting, that always confounded me, now I get it, now that the speed part is fixed, the other part troubling me me now is , it just places marker on any near objects regardless of side, not quiet sure how to fix this
  6. killerwhale

    CreateMarker issue

    interesting and it works, thanks alot, what does the "select 0" mean? i dont understand that part and if I wanted to detect if the tank is moving or stationary, how would I go about doing that?
  7. Hi, I'm trying to create a marker upon the detection of blufor units by opfor. the marker should be created on the "tank" units of blufor side here is my code the problem is , i get this error code what is up with this?
  8. killerwhale

    Name problem

    Thanks, simple to solve but was confusing, thanks again
  9. killerwhale

    Name problem

    Hi, I'm having trouble naming this mission, where it says 01 Convoy Ambush, I would like it to say Steal but no luck so far. what can I do
  10. killerwhale

    Object modifier issues

    how come they did not add this from the beginning? probably they don't play the game so they have no clue what a players need might be
  11. May I ask when BI decided to write the module known as Object modifier, in the SET MODE category where you can specify a units stance. the only provided options are "stand up", "stay crouched", "go prone". Now why would someone leave out the option to return the unit back to "auto". once you set it to standing, it stays standing, the only option being prone or crouched. ofcourse I know you can use scripting commands yourself to return the unit but there are those of us who dont feel comfortable with scripting at all so why leave out such basic things?
  12. killerwhale

    3den Enhanced

    this is a great work, i'm wondering if you can improve the triggers and add things like "if OPFOR is detected, then terminate animation". is this possible?
  13. can we not use GAIA without specifying a zone? i'd like to use it as any other AI enhancement mode like bCombat. is that possible?
  14. killerwhale

    Throwable Satchel Charge!

    hey mikey, what is the terrain or the map in the video, good mod by the way and thanks for it. I wish if you could make a mod that will force the ai to run away from about to explode vehicles also. many times AI gets killed from explosion
  15. what if the units are not created and are editor placed, how would you put something into their init by using a trigger?