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  1. thanks for the north korean faction,
  2. Libya map would be great to see, some Libya units would be great too if someone wants to make some.
  3. x2 on bugkills suggestion other than that new units look great.
  4. jay316

    CSLA for A2CO

    SWEET! great job CSLA team!
  5. http://www.life.com/image/2680023 elcan on a 240 october 2003
  6. WOW an f18! been waiting for one of those for arma2! Love the prowler too.
  7. great addon, nice to see bundeswehr addon expanded.
  8. wow that spr is awesome!
  9. Wow Gnat, those are going to be so awesome, can't wait! x2 on a Russian tu22 if possible.
  10. sweet, thanks! Edit: hope this is useful, seems the textures have semi transparent dust issue as in this thread below. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=96204
  11. Good to hear things have been resolved, looking forward to the vme addon.
  12. Sweet, should be cool.
  13. Cool island, will keep an eye out for future updates. Thanks.
  14. winter units and the map are great, thanks.
  15. jay316

    B-52 Buff - Bomber

    Thanks for the update!