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    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    When my motherboard packed up i took my PC to a private shop in town, they charged me a 5er to look at it and find the problem, and think it was another 15 to install the motherboard. they didnt reinstall xp, as id asked them, they just had to change some files. but i dont know which ones. so it IS possible. i just dont know how.
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    You really need to get permissions before you show pics and attempt to claim its your work or people will get annoyed.
  3. johnwilso007

    What are the new features of ArmA?

    the best implementation of moving in vehicles ive seen (ive not yet played BF2142) was in Joint Ops a online game, you could stand ont he sides of little birds and jump off them at will, or alternatively sit on them. was Brillian in UH60s when ud have people sat down and stood up and all firing from the vehicles at the same time, I do wish theyd implemented this in ARMA would have been awsum!
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    cheyenne moutain complex

    your rather childish.
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    P90 ready to download

    thats a rather dated scope view... any response about the permissions?
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    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    hey guys. my current computer spec is Pentium D 3.5Ghz 2048mb Ram Radeon HD 3870 512mb GPU and a 19inch 1440x900 monitor in order to play HD movies and downloaded content ie trailers of apple movie trialers site do i need to upgrade my monitor to one that supports 1920 x 1080 output? I downlaoded a TV episode in HD to see waht the 1uality was like and it just froze the video player. I was considering getting a blu-ray drive too so i can begin to upgrade my DVD collection to bluray but as the Downlaoded video stalled i dnt want to spend the money on this as of yet. any help is much apreciated, thanks.
  7. johnwilso007

    Evolution - Single Player

    and me:D
  8. there seems to be a bug on the one click map method where if you do 0-0-1 first then go to the map u cant click but when you do you fire a round. it works however if you go to the map then call in the support. Oh im using 1.08 if that helps at all. Thanks.
  9. Thanks alot sickboy thats helped alot i been playing for 2 hours and no crash, thanks alot, spose i shuld have read them first tho:( thanks anyway
  10. Hey im having pritty god results on vista running it in the XP SP2 mode, getting 35FPS on MP. however im having trouble the game keeps crashing to desktop and i get the following error "Cannot create system memory surface DXT5,1024x1024 (size 1398112 B) Error code 80070000e" This only seems to happen on MP so far. Any suggestions? My rig is Intel Pentium D 3.2Ghz 2048mb Ram Radeon HD 3870 512mb ram GPU thanks for any help.
  11. johnwilso007

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    thanks King homer but thats one expensive card http://www.ebuyer.com/product/138575 and i think it only supports DDR3 and not 2. think ill give up on crossfire doubtfull id ever use it anyway, just want one that supports DDR 2+3
  12. johnwilso007

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    Im pritty sure there isnt a AGP version of the 3870. Im looking for a new motherboard as mine has had it:( im trying to find one that is future proof and will work with my current set up. Basically i want one that works with Pentium D and Duel/Quad cores, and DDR2 and DDR3 tech. also 2 PCI-e Slots so that if i do so wish in the future i can have 2 ATi GPUs in Crossfire. looking at many websites i can see that many motherbaords say SLi certified, and was wondering do motherbaords have to be crossfire certified to work in a crossfire setup?
  13. johnwilso007

    Anonymous vs Scientology

    I agree as above.
  14. johnwilso007

    Anonymous vs Scientology

    you understand that the vatican is the most wealthy place on the planet right? it didnt get that wealth from asking for money. and a genuine religion what defines that? you cant prove that any of them exist, just like you cant prove that pheatons (or what ever scientologist call them these days, what happend to zenu?) exist. Id hate to throw the flying space teapot into the mix, or the flying spagetti monster. just because scientology is based on a scientific authors thoughts doenst make it less of a religion, most of the 'Genuine' Religions may have been inspired of drug enduced visions of moses. Like i said before im not defending scientology, i agree that it goes about its practices in the wrong way. Christianity and many other 'Genuine' religions went about them in the medieval ages, ever heard of the inquisition? i did say most of them not all, i accept that there were religious people there as you are correct many of them fled to america to escape religious persecution. the church isnt directly intervening in the governemnt, but powerful religious lobbys in do get alot of sway in america, look at the abortion issue or the banning of homosexual marrage. and the greatest quote of all 'God Bless America'. The fathers i was talking about are James Maddeson, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, im sure there are more but these men were definatly diests and can be argued that their writings in letters imply that they are athiests. anyway we are getting a little OT. I hope Anonymous get some success, This will be a interesting matter to watch.
  15. johnwilso007

    Anonymous vs Scientology

    lol thats AWSUM! a little scary cruise interview on scientology http://gawker.com/5002269....uppress and anonymous press release