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  1. Personally I'd like to see AI improvements for the next patch, considering they will be a important part of gameplay with coop operations being the most frequented part of ArmA. I don't mean making them more combat capable, that's already achievable by fiddling with AI setting, but rather making them more realistic. My main beef is how AI don't like to be inside buildings and always, always, go prone unless certain conditions are present. I understand AI coding is probably one the hardest aspects, but what I was suggesting would be a function that say for example, when AI is within blah blah range of buildings, they are forced to crouch or stand. Also possibly talking to FFN creator to see how he coded AI to clear and take up positions in buildings? As it currently is, you can place AI in buildings, but as soon as the firefight starts, they crawl out and try to get into the streets rather than staying in what would be a superior position. Just some suggestions, keep up the great work. <3 patch 2.
  2. I understand the team is got a lot on it's plate at the moment, but I have a suggestion if I may: Currently the AI do everything they can to get out of a building when the shooting starts. I understand AI is hard to code, but perhaps an idea might be to look into one of the several AI mods out there and see if AI taking up positions in buildings can be implemented?
  3. icehollow

    (@) CO30 USMC Domination A.C.E

    Good stuff mate. Is there a way to get AI team-members in the mission?
  4. Just out of curiosity, how compatible is ACE with other units? If say, <X> army units uses <X> custom weapons and those weapons use custom ammunition and magazines, will ACE still be compatible? I'm guessing ACE ballistics only cover default ammunition or that included in ACE right?
  5. icehollow

    Hight Definition Tropic Island v2.0!

    Make it yourself? Not every island has to have a million towns and airfields and bases etc, I rather prefer it when the terrain is just there, then you can build bases how you see fit.
  6. After alot of assessment and fiddling around with AI on different difficulty levels, I've come to the conclusion that there must be a way to have AI retain the capability of high difficulties, yet without the ridiculous laser beam accuracy. At 0.62 difficulty, and using SIX_pack 3 mods (suppression and increased AI spotting/engagement range) I found that I could have enjoyable but still challenging back and forth firefights with near misses instead of constant laser like accuracy. However, they lack the tactical capability they have on something like veteran mode, where the AI will get wide flanks going etc. So what I'm asking is there anyway to edit the AI so they can achieve a balance of this? Cheers, Ice.
  7. icehollow

    Project T-800

    Wouldn't really work unless you've got someone who wants to make new AI configs for the terminators.
  8. icehollow

    AI enhancements?

    Cheers, is there a seperate config file just containing the gameplay changes or do I have to download the whole mod? EDIT: Nvrmind all good, thanks for the answers guys.
  9. icehollow

    AI enhancements?

    Sounds great, is there anyway to isolate the urban AI component?
  10. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone might have worked on some AI behaviour mods, specifically, fixing AI behavior in urban environments. I'm getting sick of arma to the point where I don't enjoy playing it when Urban firefights change from dramatic to looking like epileptic fits all over the city because the default AI behavior is to prone as soon as shots are fired in there direction. Also coupled with the fact that there is never a purpose for house clearing unless by some rare, EXTREMELY RARE, occasion that a lone AI has screwed his pathfinding and has ended up stuck inside a room. I read SLX mod has fixed AI behavior to the point that AI will actually take and hold buildings without going prone in doorways etc (one video example showed AI inside a house leaning/peeking out the window and firing), however, lo and behold, SLX always CTD's for me at the menu. So what I would like to know is if anyone managed to maybe seperate this component from SLX or maybe made a addon that I dunno, sets AI parameters so when AI units are blah meters to house/building object they force standup or crouch? Cheers, Ice.
  11. icehollow

    ArmA Addon request thread

    new modern Australian army infantry models. Currently we only have reskins of BIS models which get stale quickly when playing next to excellent models such as Jonny's Marines, cam's 1stID etc.
  12. They don't actually have to wear those ridiculous shaped helmets do they?
  13. icehollow

    Which addons?

    Ah I forgot about WGL, Speaking of which, some of the videos I've seen of WGL feature better models than I remember being in WGL, is this custom?
  14. icehollow

    Which addons?

    G'day been awhile since I've been around this forum due to losing Armed Assault. Anyways recently some mates and I have decided to get back into OFP. Now due to us coming in very very late on the whole OFP scheme of things, we not quite sure which mods to get. Now what I'm asking is, not which mods were your favorites, but rather which mods were A) Most popular B) Had a noticeable effect on gameplay (I.e Changes stuff like animations, AI, etc) So far all we could think of is : FFUR-SLX 2008 Vietnam mods (VTE, HawkNam etc) Help appreciated.