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    Invasion 1944 V3.0

    True. I did not want to bore people with historical facts behind this book :) ARMA 3 setting in context of island, landscape textures or even some buildings (well, maybe after some little changes like removing electronic devices) fits perfectly. Even now some places on Altis island remind unfortunate Mandracos town from the book/movie... If somebody is interested in great performance of David Niven and Gregory Peck, the movie is here YOUTUBE
  2. iguanapl

    Invasion 1944 V3.0

    About the setting (island, story etc) of this mod...One suggestion... There is this great old WWII book (and movie) called THE GUNS OF NAVAROVE. Enough said :)
  3. iguanapl

    The New York City Project

    I'm a big fan of incorporating USA land into ARMA. I remember doing USA like islands for OFP as a part of AirWolf mod. Unfortunately, there are still AI and engine barriers that limit big cities projects. If I may say something - focus on american like towns, suburbs, highways or airports instead of big cities like NY. Urban fight in big cities - it's BF4 task... Arma potential lies in little towns/ countryside battles.
  4. I've just read DevpBlog... The progress is amazing. What can I say...Most innovative project for ARMA III so far. It will add so many options for survival gameplay.
  5. Although I have always prefered apocaliptic desert like USA settings (Aka Fallout 1 and 2) I must say your project looks very nice. Very Stalker alike... Keep those objects coming :)
  6. True but there are plenty of great 3d modelers and texture makers in the community but only few great coders like you. I'm sure that someone will offer his help with that if you send a signal you want to do such thing. I think it would be a great addition to your construction project.
  7. iguanapl

    Arma 3 SeaLife Project

    Good to hear that... Big fan of your project. Any plans of making scary shark atack animation combined with player's struggle animation - something like in Far Cry 3?. It would be great if, when shark grab you for the first time you have this animation of struggling with him (let's say that it is bitting your hand), then he let go (if it isn't extra hard, some "key control to press" implemantation to free yourself would be nice). If shark grab you for the second time you are dead :)
  8. Don't see how gore scenes would improve gameplay. Somebody said that it would allow to incorporate complex medical treating system. It can be done without it as well. Some wound textures will do the job. OK, ARMA is some sort of simulator but there must be boundaries. I still remember soldier who got wounded during bomb attack. Massive burn injuries of his body was nothing comparing it to the fact that he didn't have lower part of his face (We made him new mandible using fibular free flap - he was very happy with the results in case if you want to know). I don't think that putting similar stuff in ARMA should be BIS priority. There are other things that could be done to make ARMA better game.
  9. iguanapl

    Should Arma 3 open a hat store on steam?

    If implemented it would significantly contribute to quick melee fight feature development by community, hehehe. Quoting A. Einstein: I don't know what weapons would be used before this ammo microtransactions, but after their implementation people will use sticks and stones" :) Amen to that. BTW. Microtransactions sucks...
  10. Yes I know. I just used it as an example of original idea for a game :)
  11. Not to worry. ARMA 3 modding tools will be available sooner or later - I think that BIS is focusing on polishing ARMA 3 final version right now. What I meant in my first post is that ARMA 3 (Real Virtuality 4.0) engine seems to be great indie game engine - way more user frienldy and better than UDK etc in many ways. In my opinion BIS should try to create similar license offer. I predict that many funny and good games could be created with this. Take on Mars??? What could be next :P hehe.
  12. Thanks to OFP/ARMA many people have mastered modding skills and sometimes I think they could go further just than making addons for one game. Let's take Day Z or Iron Front for an example. Many of OFP/ARMA fans treat ARMA as an modding platform more than game itself. I was wondering if there is a chance that someday we will see Complete ARMA III Developer's Kit (or as you like Real Virtuality 4.0 engine) similar to UDK or CryEngine Kit with some sort of indie developers licence (Like X % of profits like CryEngine)? Nowadays, thanks to initiatives like KickStarter, SteamGreenlight, GOG etc. , many people who treat addon making as a hobby, can finally try to take a big shot and become indie developer. The passion, skills and commitment of OFP/ARMA modding community makes it very possible that some of their indie projects could be very successful products. I am very curious what others have to say on this subject.
  13. After the reference page you have sent, I am sure they used false terrain. The general concept is good but not for hole island terrain. Like I wrote before some artificial terrain objects like big rocks or dirt hills that could be modified would do the trick :)
  14. Yeah, I remember he was working on something like that, but I think it was flat terrain-like object modicifation not real BIS terrain itself. Spooner was interested in this subject as well. Here is few videos. I know that VBS2 has underground objects... Always wonder why BIS didn't incorporate this feature into ARMA.
  15. It looks really nice. iBuild is also very catchy name. Have you also considered going in opposite direction? I mean digging like option. I am not thinking about Minecraft like option - BIS terrain can't be changed but about in-game modification of existing object. For example by creating special object - lets say a huge rock in which player can dig a tunnel or a cave - of course the possibility of digging is highly stricted and oriented - player has little control, he doesn't have much options, he just choose from pre-defined corridor path. I see various applications with this option - tunnels, caves or trenches (made in special pile of dirt). What to do think about that :) ? I look forward to see more of your work.:)