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  1. itim_tuko

    Arma 3 plans for 2013

    What does modding means exact with the alpha? Do we get p3d models and tools or only retexturing?
  2. itim_tuko

    CZM beta releases

    The M113 as its used by the AFP The MX8 in the configuration used by the PNP and Army. My first try to make a Kuglig The Kuglig is a "Rice Tractor" and also used as a transport for Farmers. The Kuglig was and is still used by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) as a cheap and mobile anti aircraft defense platform. This model where build after an eyewitness report of a PAF Pilot.
  3. itim_tuko

    CZM beta releases

    Im working on getting these vehicles finished for the vehicle beta release in 2 months (hopefully): AFP Side: Marines: - V100 - V150 - V300 (APC and FSV) Army: - Simba - V100 - V150 (APC and Ambulance) - Hummer - M113 (reworked model) PNP Wheel: - Hummer - Police Car - V100 - V150 - Land Rover Enemies MILF: - Bunkers and static defences - Kuglig Enemies Spratly: - PT76 - T55 - MI17 (retextured) Civilians: - Jeepney - Tricycle - Kuglig
  4. itim_tuko

    CZM beta releases

    Im working on vehicles already but they will probally take some time before I can release them as Im to busy in private life. But I will release the first island map. It covers 2 islands (Norteast Cay and Southwest Cay) and a reef (South Reef) which has been fortified. Southwest Cay and South reef are occupied by Vietnam and Northeast Cay is occupied by the Philippines. Further China also claims the islands to be chinese property. Its still a beta as I still need to make some vietnamese style buildings and vegetation for this area. Known bugs are: - Walls not alligned propertly - Buildings are placeholders - Street has no crossings. - Placenames not working CZM North Spratly map
  5. After trying to play the NAPA missions (without success) I replayed the mission and went to the CDF again. This time the Team Racor also refused to move in the CDF missions (it worked before I installed the NAPA mission and installed the Patch 1.02).
  6. itim_tuko

    NAPA Cutscene Major Problem

    One other thing beside alwaays getting killed is that it seems like you are "transferred" to a Castle somewhere and not the hut you where moving too.
  7. itim_tuko

    Cooperation with evilas / Project 85

    Offering a cooperation looks like Vilas have changed his mind and attitude, so maybe its a good idea to offer him a hand. Did vilas mention anything about what kind of cooperation he would like. If its about sharing some files or helping in missions or configs it would benefit CWR and P85 and off course also the community.
  8. Ups, yeah youre right Doc Johnson was the character. @Col. Faulkner - you can take a look at my Philipino troops http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=71214 I havent seen any problems on them until now.
  9. Good point, didnt see that but will rework him. Actially I made the rebel leader after Gen. Laurent Nkunda, the rebel leader of the biggest rebelgroup in congo. But youre right, he looks realy like Don Cheadle.Im working on some RPG soldiers and some MG Gunners now and then I will release the pack.
  10. Did find a little time for the African troops again: A General of the "regular forces" Tank crew of the "regular forces" Rebel forces leader Tank crew of the rebel forces
  11. itim_tuko

    CZM beta releases

    Finally the first preview of the PSG (Presidential Security Group) after wish from several users.
  12. itim_tuko

    CZM beta releases

    Army troopers after a battle with Commander Katos rebelious troops PNP stopping the traffic while a SWAT team prepares to free some hostages in a hotel SWAT before storming a hotel Scout Rangers on excersice on Pagasa Island after Vietnamese troops declare that Northeast Cay is Vietnamese property
  13. itim_tuko

    ArmA Photography I - No images over 100kb.

    PNP SWAT Team preparing storming a Hotel where robbers have taken hostages. Army Scout Rangers on manouver on Northeast Cay Saharni, WIP CZM North Spratly, WIP CZM Infantry Beta 0.7 More pics under http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?p=1270902#post1270902
  14. itim_tuko

    CZM beta releases

    Im trying to get a bit more variety into the faces, bit tis still taking a little amuint of work. Well I can just say wait for the campaign. I was a invited to be a member of ACE and also was for a while, but after they moved their forums they have newer replied why I didnt got access to their new forums, so I dont know how to make my mod compatible with thiers.
  15. itim_tuko

    CZM beta releases

    My first try for the M67 90mm Recoilless Rifle