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  1. I'm needing to follow the steps in "How to open a binerized mission" but I'm falling at the first hurdle and I can't find the Batch file. The instructions say to go to the folder C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3 Tools\CfgConvert but I don't have that folder, nor do I have that folder where all my Steam content is installed (file path is actually "E:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common"). Can anyone help please?
  2. horrgakx

    A vacation on Altis - or - To Limnos and back again.

    The images have gone offline.
  3. I'd really like to be able to use multiple search terms in the search bar. Currently I can only search for one keyword at a time but I'd like to be able to search for example "king, infantry, day"... etc.
  4. horrgakx

    Bingo Fuel

    The "Cistern" mission, the one where you have to steal the fuel truck, I found impossible. I tried stealthy approaches from the east and south east alike and spent hours trying and re-trying. I skipped the mission in the end, it was just way too hard :(
  5. Thanks for your replies. I should say this is in pre-built missions, not my own. So I don't know about ranks in that particular scenario.
  6. During scenarios some of my team members stop actioning my commands. I tell them to move, they say OK, but they stay put. In order to help and see if I can manually move them myself, I have the ability to swap into one of my team members, but how do I switch back to the team leader??
  7. I've tried a couple of dozen times on single player and the furthest ONCE I've managed to get is a couple of miles. Mostly I can't get very far. Is there anything that you (the author) can do to make single player easier please?
  8. horrgakx

    TrackIR 5 ArmA2 Thread!

    Also, don't forget to reset the view. I use the END key as it doesn't seem bound in any games I have using TrackIR. You can verify what it's doing in the TrackIR software - it shows you the movement.
  9. It's taken me a lot of saving and trial & error to get past the mission "07 Shadow of the Blade". I managed to fly the veterans around (I was going to say 'vets' but that means something else in the UK) and I also did the aerobatics. However, can I get into back into my burgundy heli?? Nope. I walk round, I'm able to open both side doors, but I can't get in to fly. SO I get pi$$ed off and activate -endmission. However, then I'm back in the hangar with my brother and I walk up to him ... no option to interact! I try the middle mouse scrolling, left click, right click... nothing works. What's wrong here please?
  10. I like to play Evolution offline, single player. What's a quick way to get points? Starting off is SOOOO hard.
  11. Thanks all for your help, that was the problem!
  12. I'm using the TrackIR 5 with the hat clip. I've updated the TrackIR drivers yesterday to the current ones from TrackIR.com. I can calibrate the centring etc. and the TrackIR software works fine. I DO NOT get the green light on the TrackIR camera when the game starts and TrackIR doesn't work at all in Take On Helicopters. Other games (FSX, Arma2, LFS etc...) work fine with TrackIR. Anyone able to help please?
  13. Thanks - I see the option but I still can't get it working. This is what I see... "Customisable Controllers TrackIR Controllers with scheme" I can't seem to get any further, can you help please?
  14. OKay so I got Lopotev from the island in my BMP but I got to base and got out - there was no sign of him. Next thing "Lopotev is dead" message.... WTF??? I may as well continue with the mission (I don't know what the difference will be now he's dead) and I see there's an Mi-8 in my base, engines running, so I want to use it to get around. Only thing is it isn't under my control and I can't shoot the pilot (since when did it have very very bullet proof glass?). See screenshot. What can I do? It might be worth giving up completely. Again.
  15. horrgakx

    SEAL Team Six

    Good to know you're looking into it Sick1, thanks :)
  16. horrgakx

    SEAL Team Six

    Hi - I've just downloaded the latest Seal Team Six 4, along with the necessary addons (and not the optional ones). I'm playing the first mission. In the briefing I select my gear including the laser designator but when I land in the chopper all my gear has been reset to standard and the laser designator removed from my inventory. If I look in the crates where I land there is no designator. I've tried continuing with the mission but when I call an airstrike the aircraft just flies overhead without dropping anything (I assume because it needs me to designate targets?). Please help!! Thanks.
  17. horrgakx

    [CAMP] John - A Rambo Medley

    It's not working for me - when I select the campaign the 'loading bar' gets all the way to the right hand side but that's all - no mission entry screen etc. Any ideas?
  18. horrgakx

    TrackIR 5 ArmA2 Thread!

    Yeh but its not intended to - its very much more of an action game where you need quicker reflexes than with ArmA2. I think the TrackIR would not suit Bad Company 2.
  19. horrgakx

    TrackIR 5 ArmA2 Thread!

    I'm on CoreDuoQuad too and no framerate hit here. I'm playing Bad Company 2 at the moment and I miss the TrackIR!!!!
  20. I tried the ACE mod but had to put the voices back in. I would have liked to have seen a reduced number of 'rubbish' radio chatter, but I missed the feedback of my orders being given. Can't get away with the ACE mod at all in fact :(
  21. horrgakx

    USRanger709's Release Thread!

    I completed the mission last night, I really did enjoy it, some excellent use of the map and some good story in there too. Just wanted to give you my opinion (and we're all different); The dampener for me are the number of mods required to play. Especially ACE which I didn't enjoy and as far as I was concerned didn't improve my gaming experience whatsoever; it took me days to get installed properly and all it did as far as I could see is highlighted the AI's inefficiency. I would have preferred the mission without the ACE addon. And (just my opinion again), I don't really care for all the weapon add-ons, the fact that an M16 is a slightly different type or colour to the one in the original game just doesn't do it for me. Great mission overall though and I look forward to some more of yours!
  22. Hi all - I'm getting MAJOR audio static (very loud and intrusive white noise) playing ArmA2 under Windows 7 64bit. Worth noting that it worked find on XP 32bit so my hardware is fine. I've fresh-installed the OS and also fresh ArmA2 and 1.05 patch. The sound drivers are Microsoft as neither Abit (motherboard is Abit IX48-GT3) or Speed Link (for the headphones) do Win7 drivers. But having said that my MP3's and movies etc. play fine. Oh, and I've got DX11 installed, again fresh. The same problem happens regardless of using the onboard AC97 sound card or the Speedlink Medusa USB headphones. Any ideas please? ADDITIONAL - I've just tried running DXDiag and the static immediately starts!!! So could it be to do with DirectX?? DXDiag reports "No problems found"... DXDiag information posted here;
  23. horrgakx

    USRanger709's Release Thread!

    I have to say i'm enjoying it. Its quite challenging!! I think it must be a combination of clever mission design and the ACE mod but the AI in the game is horrendous. If I have to revert 5 times, at least 4 times are due to severely stupid AI who run in front of cover in firefights and can't even drive a vehicle without reversing and going over the same bl00dy spot 3 times. I thought a lot of AI issues like this were improved in the last updates!!? "MEDIC!!!" "No, you can die in pain for being so stupid, it's called Darwinism!!" Nice mission design though :)
  24. Thanks Minoza, I'll try to find it, unless you have a link? As for using it online, I don't play online so it would be SP I'd be using it for. And thanks Sickboy I'll have a look at downloading that now. I can do basic editing, but I don't know about units with different weapons etc. Surely something like this would be useful to include in the ACE package - ie. to show off the new features? With text prompts along the way like "Pick up this weapon and press these keys to get the iron sight up" ... etc.... PS - does the Armory work with the ACE mod? I'm sure I tried it on the QuesKabrul island (spelling) but it kept spawning me as a priest...