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    Escapist article on Arma

    It's almost like the intent of the article was to talk about cooperative play... Creepy.
  2. hunterhr

    Arma beta patch 1.09 - released

    Ironically, this in itself is wrong. There is both a right and a wrong, and it's pretty easy to figure out which is which. Accurate war reporting from people who were there or have military experience=Right Someone who's experience comes from youtube videos=Wrong.
  3. hunterhr

    Arma beta patch 1.09 - released

    Based purely on literary skill, I'm going to go with Michael Yon over you. What is the extent of your military experience? Beyond watching videos on youtube.
  4. hunterhr

    Let's talk about VOIP in 1.09

    I for one welcome our VOIP overlords.
  5. hunterhr

    Armed Assault videos

    Pimping this video because I'm heavily featured in it leading Alpha 2 to victory. My stand out moment being the "Oh Jesus" when one of my squad members bites it covering a corner.
  6. I have a Dell 400mhz 13 gigs of hd spade 128mb RAM STB Montego II sound card The sound plays for a little bit then dies. Everytime I restart OFP is seems to die a little quicker. This also happens in Max Payne. Also for some strange reason, I can't issue commands after the sound dies.