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  1. I'm at tuvanaka airport trying to steal a Y-32. But I get shot by a zsu-39 tigris every time. But I don't know where that thing is. Edit: never mind, it only spawns after you take off with the plane.
  2. I did the 'support attack' mission on Cerebu. But now it keeps coming with new such missions. Does it ever stop? There are many other tasks I'd like to do, but these always have a very short time frame. What happens if I'd skip them?
  3. When I first played this game the mission Blackfoot Down was the first one after arriving at Camp Maxwell. Now I'm playin the whole campaign again (to play the side missions that I missed the first time) But now when I enter Camp Maxwell for the first time, the soldier accompaning me mentions the Blackfoot, but then next I can only choose from: 1 Death Valley 2 Radio Silence 3 Wet Work How can I play Blackfoot down again?
  4. hneel

    Official Stupid Quiz Thread

    Youre gonna be attacked by a ridiculously small animal and bleed to death Which Firearm are you? H&K CAWS
  5. hneel

    Political test

    Last year: This year: I've become more authoritarian  Â
  6. hneel

    Aternative strategies

    Just found another one in the single-mission game "Commander". After you've succesfully defended the town, you can go by boat to the island. There are 2 choppers waiting there with which you can attack the enemy town. Beware though. There's a shilka (easy) and some machine gunners (harder) firing back at you.
  7. hneel

    Aternative strategies

    Sometimes, choosing an alternative strategy can make a mission much easier. For example the Red Hammer mission "Rage". This is the one where you have to destroy things in 3 seperate enemy bases. Pretty tough mission. ... Except when you go to the last base first. And steal a chopper there. Then you can use that chopper to complete your mission. No shilkas to fire back at you. Quite easy. What other alternative easier strategies do you guys have for other missions?
  8. hneel

    The american dream

    The dream of the 50's may look like a simple dream, but today it's much harder to achieve than back in those days. Here in the netherlands house prices have skyrocketed. Even if you're a couple and both have fulltime jobs, buying a house has become almost impossible. At best you can get a small appartment in a bad neighbourhood. Having one of the parents stay home to take care of the children is not an option. You just *need* both fulltime jobs to be able to pay the mortage or rent. Finding a job is also harder and if you do find one, it probably wont be a stable one. In the old days people would get a job when they were young and keep that job until they retired. On the positive side: luxury things like computers, TV's, DVD players, etc, have become much cheaper. But the basic things like a nive place to live are much harder to get. Young people hardly reach the level of wealth of their parents anymore. This is so frustrating...
  9. hneel

    What militaria do you own?

    A large bullet I once found on the beach years ago when I was a kid. My father took out the gunpowder. He had learned how to do that when he was a kid (after WW2).
  10. hneel

    Your iq?

    133 on the IQ test. 90% on the EQ test. On the latter I answered what I guessed to be the correct answers. Not necesarily what I probably would really do in such situations.
  11. hneel

    Bomb blast in jakarta hotel

    What about "Laskar Jihad"? When they went on a killing spree on Ambon they had the support of at least the politicians and the army.
  12. hneel

    Beer thread

    Personally I like the stronger belgian beers most. For example: Duvel, Ciney, Chimay, Delirium Tremens, Tripel. But on hot days like this, a cool pilsner beer or a white beer is delicious too!
  13. hneel

    Beer thread

    Me and some (belgian) friends did a blind beer test lately. The idea was to test if belgian beer was indeed better than dutch beer. Only pilsner type beers were tested. Here are the results: Bavaria (NL) +2 Jupiler (B) +2 Amstel (NL) +1 Heineken (NL) +1 Romy (B) +1 Carlsberg (DK) 0 Grolsch (NL) 0 Kronenbourgh (F) 0 Karlsquell (B) -0,5 Stella Artois (B) -0,5 Derby (B) -1 Dommelsch (NL) -1 Primus (B) -1 Bitburger (D) -2 Delhaize premium (B) -2 Euroshopper (NL) -3 Hertog Jan (NL) -4 Maes (B) -4 Aro (B) -5 Brand (NL) -6
  14. hneel

    How good are you at foreign languages?

    Some years ago an audio cassete brand called "PD Magnetics" was sponsoring a team in the Tour de France. PD in french stands for pedophile...
  15. hneel

    How good are you at foreign languages?

    IMO the most usefule phrase in any language is the one to tell you don't speak the language. english: I don'y speak english german: ich spreche kein deutsh french: je ne parle pas francais dutch: ik spreek geen nederlands flemish: ek klappn hin vloms limburgs: ich kalle keen limbuuuurjs spanish: no hablo espanol italian: io no parlo italiano hebrew: ani lo medabeer ivriet scandinavian: jeg taler ikke dansk/svensk/norsk (iv'e known it in indonesian too, but it forgot)