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  1. gsleighter

    International Politics Thread

    That's all fine, but Jewish law only provides rights to Jewish citizens. Palestinians born in Israel have a fraction of the rights of Jewish Israelis. Until they're afforded some voice in government, like minorities in every other western state, until Israel is done with their own apartheid, there will be no peace in the middle east.
  2. gsleighter

    Project RACS

    Put a tarp over the chopper? I mean, the animation could be to add the shape of a helicopter covered with some sort of tent to protect it from weather... That way, you have one animation that would work okay, vs having one animation that works okay for one chopper.
  3. Cheers mate, im glad we were able to achieve this with the Beta! Other mod & mission compatibilities: [*] Should use the well spread and used "XEH" Extended EventHandlers systems. (Many use vanilla eventhandlers which breaks their addon with everyone elses ) [*] Should use the S_Hole XDEH (Extended Display EventHandlers) [*] Should not relink/break the ArmA default class inheritance tree (many Islands, but especially Sound Mods, do) So basically we don't have to be compatible to others, and others don't have to be compatible to us; All of us should simply be compatible with XEH+XDEH+Non Broken Override Configs, and we will simply be all compatible with eachother The only issue of course is when there are 2 same kind features in 2 seperate mods. You will have to make a choice by disabling or removing one Maybe we should maintain a list of Addons that are XEH/XDEH compatible and thus also compatible with us? Incl overlapping features etc. But I believe this is a job for the Community  All the aircraft I have converted from Ofp are XEH but what is XDH and where can I read up on it becuase I've not heard of this before. Compatible aicraft at the moment are: F-35 F-111 Su-27 Mig-29 Mirage 2000 F-14 Eurofighter Su-47 Southy The KA-52 is also completely compatible, and is great to use in ACE. Unfortunately, the Mi-24's aren't set up for XEH.
  4. gsleighter

    What CPU

    I tend to agree with g-c, Arma can chew my processor to pieces sometimes, but I'm able to run Crysis on high and Supreme Commander at max settings, and these were designed to take advantage of multiple cores. And I do NOT have a nice processor, it's a dual core celeron D, but it is better for Crysis and SupCom than a high end single core CPU.
  5. For what it's worth, my little brother and I play Arma online since he lives in a different state. I have enough trouble trying to explain mod-folders to him as it is over the phone, and having a simple unified installation for the ACE mod has made playing with him easy (It's even got a shortcut for 1.15 "out of the box!"). We're not all computer whizzes, and while most of us have broadband and a spare hour to download a large mod, not everybody would be able to wrap our heads around another layer of complexity like downloading addon-modules for an addon-mod.
  6. Kilos to pounds is easier than you think. Just multiply by 2.2 and you've got it. So, 20kg - 44lbs 10kg - 22lbs 15kg - 31lbs 7.2kg - ~16lbs 23.3kg - ~50lbs It's easy math, and you can just ballpark it most of the time anyway. Hope this helps. -Gabe-
  7. gsleighter

    ArmA feedback thread - based on Beta Patch 1.15

    I can't stress the need for this fix enough, there isn't another game where I can fly air support for other players who are hunkered down on the ground like in Arma or OFP. There's been a lot of evolution of the aircraft controls in Arma since 1.0, and all of them have been tremendous and awesome. Having a working throttle again would be the final icing on the cake!
  8. gsleighter

    ArmA feedback thread - based on Beta Patch 1.15

    The airplane throttles are still all or nothing in this patch. I'd still like to see a smooth throttle when using my joystick.
  9. I've noticed the standard groups are default models. Is this so that the end user can use a model replacement like Cam's 1st ID? Or won't that work with ACE?
  10. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be "ordnance," not ordenance. Sorry, and I don't mean to nitpick, but it's in the menu right there on every aircraft.
  11. gsleighter

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    Thanks guys, something was screwed up with the install, so I had to do a complete re-format. But, it's all set up, and I'm setting up Arma again, with a new patch. Sucks I work in retail sales, I'm going to work all day tomorrow, won't get a chance to play till tomorrow night. Thanks again, -Gabe-
  12. gsleighter

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    Fun just doesn't stop, I installed the windows XP with SP3 slipstreamed onto the disc, and when I got to the windows screen post installation, it asked me for a password. On a freshly formatted system, with completely default settings. I've never set a password, so I can't log in to my PC to get everything set up. I'm using windows XP professional, is there some kind of default admin password I should know about? Thanks again, -Gabe-
  13. gsleighter

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    I'm checking out nlite right now, it looks promising. The copy I've got of XP is an old version from an even older raytheon computer, so I suspected it wasn't playing nice with my video card. I'm not sure how I forced it to install correctly last time, I just remember a long weekend of BIOS updates and rollbacks, and pulling out a lot of hair! I'm going to try the other XP disc with SP2 first, as it's not installed anywhere else (All the PC's are on Vista at the folks' house). Worst case scenario, I can't activate it, and then I'm using nlite to create a disc with SP3 on it. Thanks for the quick response!
  14. gsleighter

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    Okay, here's my problem. I've had a couple of errors with a re-format of my gaming PC, first, I was trying to install XP with no service packs on the PC, which has a PCI-E video card. It gave me a blue screen at the windows installer, for an error with PCI.sys. I did some reading, found out you have to have XP with SP2 to install on a computer with a PCI-E video card. Thing is, I've always only had XP with SP1, and I got it installed last time I did a reformat (I've got a couple of XP discs, one with SP1 and one without). The copy with SP1 freezes up when I get to the GUI installer, at the Installing Devices phase, with 35 minutes remaining. I've taken everything but my HDD, video card, DVD, and RAM out of the PC and still get the error, so it's not a busted component. I'm going to get XP with SP2 from a relative today, but if that doesn't fix it, am I looking at a bad Motherboard or processor? Intel Pentium Celeron D dual core 800mhz fsb 3.0 ghz Intel DP965LT Mobo BFG 8800GTX OC 768MB Creative SB Fatal1ty Extremegamer WD 150GB 7200 RPM HDD 30 dollar DVD-RW drive from Newegg Antec 650W PSU I'm going to be shipping out for WTC and MOS school for the army again in January, I'm trying to get this PC up and running again for my wife (And hopefully, ACE and some FDF before I go) to have a nicer PC while I'm gone. So, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, -Gabe-