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  1. Franklin

    Changing into a bird upon relog?

    The server I play on also still has this bug, I know a few other teams who's servers are also still having this bug. Do the servers have to switch over to development version to fix this? If so thats a problem for my group as we use a virtual server and the server host cannot upgrade our server to dev build without upgrading all servers ran off of their system to dev build. Which they have said they will not do.
  2. Franklin

    MRAP - RG31 Mk5

    Amazing work. Definitely looking forward to playing with these on some Afghan maps when they are released.
  3. I'm using the following currently, and get little spells of lag from time to time when running 3 servers off the box. We shut down the 4th because it causes too much lag until I can figure out some better settings (and I'm not sure what to do). Also cant find good documentation on how to run the server as beta, other than overwriting the .exe directly. language="English"; Windowed=0; adapter=-1; 3D_Performance=1; Resolution_Bpp=32; MinBandwidth=92160000; MaxBandwidth=100000000; MaxMsgSend=36; MaxSizeGuaranteed=1200; MaxSizeNonguaranteed=600; MinErrorToSend=0.001; MinErrorToSendNear=0.0099999998; MaxCustomFileSize=0;
  4. What would be a good setup for a dedicated server box running 4 servers instances for Dayz? It would be nice to have a good example for those of us not so tech savvy, but have the cash to put up servers.
  5. BigMorgan, I had originally allowed all those mods on my US Hardcore servers, but there was an issue about the way certain information was saved to the hive. It was screwing everything up, and caused the developers some big headaches trying to figure out the source. Until they can find a way to store info correctly with or without the addons, they will not be back. We may not see that till beta, or ever.
  6. I love the mod to the fullest. I have no issues linking up with my team mates at all. We have linked up with other teams, and individual survivors who are looking to group up. Took risks doing all the meet ups, but with good overwatch, we have not had a single linkup go wrong. We have brought first time players into our group and taught them the basics, and they are running alongside OFP vets without much of a problem. I don't need encouragement to work with others, and thats the beauty of the mod... you are free to be who you are, who whoever you want to be, without any influence. The fact that people are complaining about new players coming in by the droves is an embarrassment to the community. So many claim to be elite, but yet you cannot be bothered to extend a hand to help teach those who came to us. This community is notoriously small compared to the mainstream games, and rocket has not only provided us with a new awesome mod, but a massive fan base to draw in new blood from as well. I guess beggars can be choosers.... haters gonna hate, keep doin your thing Rocket! PS: Hosting the 4 US Hardcore servers... cuz we can.
  7. Make sure you have battleeye installed. Right click on the game in your steam library, and hit the "reinstall battleye client"
  8. Tried the new version 1.4.11 i think, was able to connect quickly. Thank you for the update.
  9. I've sat waiting for almost an hour to get into servers, game just sits there on the loading screen and never actually loads.
  10. Celery, the base's I was imagining weren't necessarily to ward off zombies, but players. If there was some sort of check built in that would force you to be X number of meters away from a city center before you could "build" something, that would ensure people weren't trying to take over a city. I felt that camps like this should be out in the sticks, safe from most zombie attacks, but not safe from players and thats the point of the walls... to protect against other players.
  11. Franklin

    Diving Under Water

    Make them assignable to whatever we choose. You can have them default assigned to Q and Z in the config, but give us the freedom of choice. I know that I remap a lot of my controls to allow for more accessible buttons than default, and I know a few others who do the same.
  12. Awesome mod, absolutely love it! I love the pure openness of it, it is the spirit of the ArmA series made playable. I can't wait to see the additions and the streamlining that is yet to come. I would love to see some sort of base building implemented myself, that could expand on the territorial nature of people. It would be nice to be able to go hunt for scraps of metal and wood that could be manipulated in 3D and placed nearly however a person desired. Adding in base defense weapons that would have to be scavenged part by part, and then assembled would add some difficulty/purpose/reward to actually having them. Additionally conducting "side missions" could then possibly reward your group with friendly AI to man those weapons at base possibly. Base building or not, I feel that booby traps should be added in, with a tripwire feature like what is available in the ACE mod. There definitely needs to be a way to protect your camp from wanderers, other than just finding a creative hole to hide your tent in. Also, It would be awesome to see this concept applied to a "Red Dawn" type scenario, where players are guerrilla forces fighting a superior invading army that could at least somewhat intelligently respond to attacks i.e.: Quick Reaction Forces, Attack heli support, artillery strikes, etc.
  13. I meant the comment about the LBEM in a more general fashion, as in similar to it. Just using it as an example, rather than asking for the LBEM to be used itself. Just asking if any thought had been put towards attempting the infantry to shoot out of the BMP. That has been the thing about BMPs that always fascinated me, and wished could be added in game. And I'm stoked about the BMPT, that thing is wicked deadly.
  14. Two questions I have in regards to this project: Any plans to include a BMPT? Any thoughts on using a system like the littlebird enhancement mod, to possibly make passengers in BMP's able to fire out of the gun ports? Love what you guys have done previously, and am looking forward to updates on this project. Thanks for all you do.
  15. Franklin

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Most of those thick mud walls can withstand hits from AT-4s, small arms simply chip away the exterior. Taliban often times will make small holes in the walls to shoot from, which at range are difficult to spot, and basically impossible to put rounds through during combat situations. If Taliban were using each of the buildings in that compound in such a manner, it would be a pretty formidable fortress, and take a large number of ground forces to assault it and take it, no doubt with a large number of casualties. Though there may have been as few as 10-15 Taliban in the compound (or as many as 50), they could have inflicted a large number of casualties on NATO forces. The fact that those buildings and walls can remain standing if more than ~70m from a JDAM impact, and the complexity of the compound makes 7 JDAMs the right call in my mind. you can add up the cost of the bombs and say is it worth it all you want... but add up the cost of one NATO soldier and see if it balances out. OT: I love JSRS sounds, and of all the other soundmods out there only one other i felt was decent enough to use. I've tried all of them out there, and other than ACE SM, I couldn't stand any of them. I can't imagine playing the game without JSRS now, the sounds are that good.