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  1. easty

    Patch 1.24 (Bootcamp Update) Feedback

    Me too. No AT in the weapons box either.. :)
  2. easty

    Nvidia GTX580 benchmark ArmaII

    I'd agree you dont need that great a processor with these cards.. I play at 26X15 with all detail maxed with an 920@4ghz and sli 480's..
  3. I bought it just to support BIS.. :) $10.. ppl... :rolleyes:
  4. I there are driver issues with Arma and 400 series cards. I swapped out from GTX 8800 sli to GTX 480 SLI setup and I get similar FPS.. :eek: I'm watercooled so heat isn't a problem. The game doesn't seem to task the cards in respect to heating them as with metro or JC2. And I can max the settings and it keeps the same FPS at around 16-2o unless I stare at a wall. Looking forward to when I can run around with maxed graphics in Arrowhead.
  5. easty

    -cfg problem

    I think with that you may need a folder in there called default.. And through the cfg into that folder then. -config=default\Server.cfg ex of mine.. -port=2302 -name=Server -profiles=server -config=server\Server.cfg -cfg=server\Arma2.cfg C:\myaddy\ -maxplayers=16
  6. #userlist or you can look in the log file on the server. banning them adds them to the ban.txt
  7. Wish I had him helping me out with my mission.. I've not created missions since ofp my old brain hasn't retained much of the info.. Still creating missions is still very addictive, I was up till nearlly 3 lastr night :rolleyes: And having a few guys help out bug checking it is invaluable. hint hint.. someone jump on my server and help. :)
  8. easty

    Help about server config

    I don't think you can connect automatically as admin.. But just Type #login password password = the one you entered for admin in your server.cfg
  9. think -name=default & -profiles=default then you have a default folder with everything in. it will create a users\default with the xyz.arma2profile in there.. the -name is only the config name not the server name.
  10. Try mine mate.. i started it if the same idea
  11. easty

    Server teething problems

    Solved.. Seems I didnt have a -profiles highlighted and a good profile config.
  12. easty

    Online is simply "Crap"

    My server is working now.. just co-op :)
  13. easty


    Yes one of the 3 files you would generally replace to do the language patch. If the server is set to verify signatures it will kick you for that. You can rerun the 1.02 patch to get back to the original files, although this will obviously revert you back to german language if this was your case.
  14. easty

    Best/Coolest MP moments

    Not had a great deal of arma 2 fun yet.. but recall great memories of BAS missions in OFP that were an epic experience. Bring back Malden al is forgiven :)
  15. easty

    What ever happened to coop?

    I don't agree only a closed server provide a quality game. I played for years on an open server with regular players and random people popping in all the time. that was the best online(maybe best game) i've ever played. Some PPL don't have the time to get involved, or put the time in a clan would require, but still want to pop on randomly for a good game. remember a map with an immediate close group of AI can cull the Noobs from a game as fast as the kick command. :)