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  1. @LeftSkidLow, Thanks! That was a good explanation. So there should be some Torque-Induced Yaw when using the collective, but that doesn't explain why my craft rolls to the right. Any thoughts?
  2. I am not a pilot, so I may be wrong here and if so please correct me. I believe Torque-Induced Yaw is being simulated incorrectly. The way I understand it this effect should be tied to the throttle not the collective. The more throttle there is the faster the blades spin, which would cause right yaw and require left pedal to counter it. Changing the angle of the blades, which is what collective does, should not cause this. Currently it seems this effect is tied to the collective. Also, my craft does not yaw to the right, it rolls or banks to the right.
  3. I'm not sure what you mean? You want the Arma 1 trees available for Arma 2?? If you're wanting a fix for the trees in Arma 2, I don't believe it's necessary. See my post at the bottomw of my original thread here.
  4. durg78

    PROPER Plants

    You're right! Â I am a good guy. Â Thanks DMarkwick I've given permission to use my view block models.
  5. durg78

    Durg's Vegetation Fix

    I have no idea where this rumor started. Yes, you still need this mod, even with 1.14. When ArmA 2 is released, they will have Vegetation that blocks AI sight similar to how this mod works.
  6. durg78

    Durg's Vegetation Fix

    This vegetation fix is designed to work with islands that use the default Arma plants.pbo. Â It looks like the island you refer to is using a custom plants.pbo, so no, this mod will not work with that island. The only workaround is for the creator of that custom PBO to create proper view blocks for thier vegetation (if they haven't already done so).
  7. durg78

    Durg's Vegetation Fix

    I just found this on the ArmA2 Developer Blog: http://www.bistudio.com/develop....en.html Durg's Vegetation Fix ArmA2 Look familiar? I can only assume that the View Blocking features were influenced by this mod, which is quite exciting! Â Luck for BIS, they have a tool to automatically generate these View Blocks, as I had to do them all by hand. Â I'm really excited to see BIS taking this approach to vegetation. Â I'm really looking forward to seeing what other changes are in store for us in ArmA2.
  8. durg78

    Durg's Vegetation Fix

    There is nothing in the change log from 1.09 and up that would suggest that this mod has been included or is no longer necessary. 5164  - Fixed: spinning in select() on Linux Dedicated Server 5164  - Fixed: Handling of invalid CD keys on dedicated servers improved 5164  - Fixed: Signature verification timeout significantly relaxed. 5164  - Fixed: System audio mixer settings no longer changed by ingame volume options. 5164  - Fixed: Vehicle channel no longer transforms to a side channel when not in the vehicle. 5164  - Fixed: assignToAirport did the same as landAt. Now it assigns for purpose of future getout commands. 5164  - Fixed: MP: Player driving motorcycle could die suddenly with no apparent reason. 5164  - Fixed: Building ruins were not visible for JIP-ed players. 5164  - Improved: UI - better detection of focused buttons 5170  - New: Scripting: Full object orientation can be set now using new function setVectorDirAndUp 5170  - Fixed: Handling of duplicate CD key improved 5170  - Added: Improved anti-cheat measures 5170  - New: Command line argument -ranking=... was removed. MP mission statistics can be written to file specified by logFile entry in the server config. 5170  - Fixed: Memory leak on dedicated server (several KB per a mission played). 5170  - Fixed: leader, AI tanks subordinate to a player sometimes did not open fire against some enemy tanks. 5170  - Fixed: AI was not able to fire over sandbags unless the enemy came very near. 5170  - Fixed: Recoil was working badly (moving in unexpected directions) when fps was low. 5170  - Fixed: AI was able to pinpoint enemy by ear after seeing him for a while. 5170  - Fixed: Fixed: Fog on DX10 cards (nVidia 8800, ATI X2900) was too dense. 5170  - Fixed: AI was sometimes unable to move when seeing enemy very near. 5170  - Fixed: Error when loading a save from a complex mission (containing a lot of variables). 5170  - Fixed: Possible crash caused by malformed resize scripting command. 5175  - Fixed: Chat message length limited to 150 characters 5175  - Added: After 3 wrong attempts to log in as an admin further attempts are ignored for some time 5175  - Fixed: Reduced loading time for large textures. 5178  - Fixed: Default handling of different data detected was stricter then intended, resulting in a kick of players. 5178  - Fixed: Dedicated server sometimes crashes after downloading Squad.xml. 5178  - Experimental: Depth only pass used to reduce pixel shader load on some GPUs. 5178  - New: Improved Voice over Net packet re-translation (voice is re-translated when no direct Peer to Peer connection is available or to spare some network bandwidth). 5179  - Fixed: VoN loudness is sometimes not matching selected voice channel (too quiet on Global channel or too loud on Direct channel). 5180  - New: BattlEye protection integration 5180  - New: Better NAT traversal for VoN. 5180  - Optimized: Reduced GPU load of shore area rendering. 5181  - Fixed: NAT traversal for VoN makes dedicated server crashing. 5184  - Fixed: AI units in safe mode could randomly stop 5190  - Fixed: Bad object ID after loading a game - caused frequent crashes when loading Rahmadi Conflict saves. 5191  - New: publicVariable now works for all types of variables 5191  - Added: function addPublicVariableEventHandler 5191  - Fixed: Airplanes bombing laser designated targets. 5193  - Changed: aiDispersionCoef now used scaled by unit skill, high skill units always having low dispersion. 5194  - Fixed: Airplanes with tail wheel were placed with the tail in the air when mission was started. 5195  - Added: functions toUpper, toLower, toArray, toString 5196  - Fixed: Airplanes standing on the ground sometimes oscillated (observed esp. with DC3) 5196  - New: Added difficulty option VonID (VON ID), allowing to see in-game who is currently speaking over the radio. 5196  - New: Added difficulty option DeathMessages (KILL MSG), allowing disabling of XXX killed by YYY messages. 5196  - Fixed: Improved dynamic range handling for vehicle interior sounds (reduces their loudness) 5196  - New: Added difficulty option NetStats (MP SCORE), allowing disabling of scoreboard functionality. 5198  - Fixed: Dead players can no longer talk or write to in-game players unless they are admins. 5199  - Fixed: Further reduced virtual address space usage. Should reduce frequency of out of memory errors.     Use command line switch -vm108 to mimic the behaviour of 1.08 version if the new scheme does not work for you. 5201  - New: Command line option -noPause to allow the game running even when its window does not have a focus. 5203  - New: Option to mute individual players in the Players screen (key P) 5203  - Fixed: Thrust vectoring was not transferred in MP, causing warping of hovering airplanes. 5203  - Fixed: Possible crashes with VoN used with HW acceleration. 5203  - Improved: Some ingame .rpt messages removed or clarified to make them more useful 5205  - Fixed: MP "Head bug" - when two players were boarding passenger space of the vehicle simultaneously, one of them     might end outside of the vehicle with no control over direction of his character. 5207  - Problem was with mouse movement adaptive filtering, which handled badly transition from fast to slow motion, causing the fast motion to leak into the slow motion region.     A barrier was placed to rejected samples so that sample once rejected is not considered in any more computations. 5207  - Fixed: When fast moving with mouse, cursor sometimes jumped once more after turning was stopped. 5207  - Fixed: Players in Seagull mode cannot hear direct speech of others properly.  5209  - Fixed: When switching VON channels quickly, the VON ID indication could still show the old channel. 5209  - Fixed: Improved handling of situations where graphical card VRAM is completely exhausted. 5209  - Fixed: In some complex MP missions the memory space for network messages could be exhausted, resulting in CTD. 5209  - Fixed: Direct speech inside vehicles was not hearable often. 5209  - Fixed: Tank which crew has ejected might sometimes continue spinning forever. 5209  - Fixed: Seized by trigger was mission a hint in the mission editor. 5209  - Fixed: nearTargets returned position more accurate than known by AI. 5209  - New: nearTargets now returns approximate assumed position accuracy as well. 5209  - Fixed: Bad weapon selection by some armored units when engaging some target types (e.g. Mi17 with FFARs) 5209  - Fixed: Sometimes AI might wrongly favor audible information over a visual one after not seeing the target for a while. 5209  - Fixed: AI was unable to destroy empty targets on Destroy WP using full auto weapons (mguns, cannons). 5211  - Fixed: AI detected IR / radar targets very late compared to human players. 5211  - Improved: AI: Better weapon selection when target is far away. 5211  - Fixed: Label on map with map info enabled sometimes revealed real target location even when it was not known. 5211  - Fixed: Improved airplane turn dynamics, including improved rudder dynamics model and fixed auto coordination. 5211  - Fixed: Improved recovery from "VB Lock failed, E_OUTOFMEMORY" error 5212  - Fixed: Further reduced virtual address space usage. 5213  - Fixed: AI tank/APC/ZSU ballistics computation when firing at distant targets. 5213  - Fixed: MP freeze opportunity fixed. 5214  - Fixed: ArmA is now compatible with Vista x64 with 4 GB RAM. 5214  - Fixed: Possible crash when moving fast with high visibility set (like in airplane). 5215  - Fixed: Possible low framerate when rendering with a large viewdistance (introduced in 5180) 5217  - Improved: Water rendering now uses LOD for finer wave animation and better performance with large viewdistances. 5218  - Fixed: VoN - VOID channel indication. 5218  - Fixed: VoN - mouth is moving but no voice is heard. 5218  - Fixed: VoN - voice crackling reduced. 5219  - Fixed: Possible crash in scene loading when mission was started. 5219  - Fixed: Improved handling of missing or old OpenAL32.dll 5219  - Optimized: Improved grass LOD selection with high terrain detail settings. 5220  - Fixed: Night sky background was too black, now slightly brighter. 5224  - Optimized: Faster texture loading when starting mission with large view distance. 5225  - Fixed: Several crash opportunities with malformed addons. 5226  - Fixed: Improved text clarity. 5226  - Fixed: VoN - Unable to hear other players issue. 5226  - Fixed: Reduced AI eye sensitivity during night time. 5227  - Fixed: MP: Head movement for players in cargo is now visible. 5229  - Fixed: Improved AI pathfinding on bridges. 5231  - Fixed: VoN - Direct channel volume is louder now. 5231  - Fixed: Parts of terrain were sometimes clipped with wide viewing angles. 5231  - Fixed: Objects were sometimes disappearing with wide viewing angles. 5232  - Fixed: Dynamically added static object might sometimes be disappearing when viewed from some angles. 5232  - Fixed: Some object shadows could be incorrectly ignored when corresponding objects were occluded. 5232  - Fixed: VoN - P2P connection was not established sometimes. 5232  - Fixed: Reduced network traffic caused by hovering seagulls. 5234  - Fixed: For players in driver and gunner position of the vehicle, obsolete network transfer was generated 5240  - Fixed: More than 64 players can use VoN now. 5241  - Optimized: Reduced CPU load of shore area rendering. 5241  - Fixed: Too large update messages (caused by unusual weapon setups) were not sent. 5241  - Fixed: Paused streaming sounds resumed from a bad position after Alt-Tab or after resuming the game from pause. 5241  - Fixed: Parameter -nopause caused some sounds not to advance when the game did not have a focus. 5242  - Fixed: AI can spell the whole alphabet now. 5243  - Fixed: Cargo is involved in chat on vehicle channel now. 5243  - Fixed: Direct communication chat enabled inside vehicles. 5245  - Fixed: AI unable to board boats in water(introduced in 1.11) 5246  - Improved: Mouse ballistics allowing for more precise aiming. 5248  - Fixed: NAT negotiation failed issue while connecting to server. 5248  - Fixed: Memory management not called regularly on dedicated server, could cause excessive memory allocation. 5249  - Changed: -vm108 option no longer supported. 5249  - Fixed: Reduced commit charge, esp. on dedicated server (DS now assumes -maxmem=512 by default). 5249  - Fixed: Grenade launcher did not respect soldier animation, always fired in the straight direction. 5248  - Fixed: UTF-16LE files which caused dedicated servers shutdown on Linux are readable now. 5249  - Fixed: Reduced recoil for slow ammo, like Mk19 grenades. 5252  - Fixed: Data loading when entering a mission or after Alt-Tab now does not stop the simulation + communication (could cause BattlEye timeouts). 5252  - Fixed: Force feedback + iFeel recoil effects now stronger and more reliable. 5252  - Fixed: Recoil curves are now less dependent on framerate. 5252  - Fixed: Expression stack overflow handling was not reliable. Fixed by making expression stack size unlimited. ===DATA CHANGELOG=== All data changes are included in HotFix.pbo, HotFix_QG.pbo, HotFix_DBE1.pbo, ui.pbo and language.pbo (Important: Beta patch doesn't fully support Queen's Gambit, to test the specific Queen's Gambit fixes, you need to copy manually HotFix_QG.pbo and HotFix_DBE1.pbo to your addons folder. There will be no automated uninstall process supported for Queen's Gambit beta addons) * FIX {RECOIL}: recoil for all hand weapons were reworked. * NEW (AMMO): ballistics reworked introducing air friction specific values for each bullet class * FIX (AMMO): AT4 and RPG7 reduced HIT strength and changed ballistics * FIX (AMMO): Improved Javelin missile precision. * FIX (AMMO): land mines - increased indirect hit range and reduced hit value * FIX (AMMO): Grenades and Flares deflection reduced to half * FIX (WEAPONS): Unloaded Javelin will not show optics attachment to avoid view blocking in most of the moves. * FIX (AMMO): count of ammo is changed (M113). * FIX (AMMO): Cobra cannon ammo changed from AP to HEI * FIX (AMMO): Sabot rounds no longer produce large explosion effects * FIX (WEAPONS): GAU-8 fixed rate of fire * NEW (WEAPONS): Added unguided rockets salvo for AI. * FIX (WEAPONS): Weapon ranges tweaks. Increased minimum range hit probability. * FIX (AMMO): reduced secondary explosion range (destroyed vehicle blast range) * FIX (AMMOBOXES): added some weapons and magazines to existing ammoboxes. * FIX (ANIMATIONS): Improved turning around with launcher. * FIX (WEAPONS): Improved M16A2 reload time (faster). * FIX (VEHICLES): Increased structural armor value of several vehicles to give the crew more chances for survival. * NEW (DATA): reworked grass clutter on Northern Sahrani, New Sahrani designed for smoother gameplay experience * FIX (LOCALIZATION): various localization fixes * FIX (ANIMATIONS): some problems with ladders introduced in 1.08 (stuck on ladders, problem when going from knelt or prone on a ladder, healing when knelt with rifle or launcher) * FIX (LOCALIZATION): mission M13 is localized to all languages * FIX (RUSSIAN): several missing translations in the Russian version, UI.pbo is modified to prevent an error message displayed in Russian version of the game when entering Single mission   directory * FIX (DC3): Eject speed is correct, improved get in and get out time, now it's possible to get out.  * FIX (HILUX, DATSUN): Game doesn't fail when using this car in ARMA without Queens Gambit mod. * FIX (OILFIELDS): Improved animation. * NEW (GUI): BattlEye filtering in multiplayer games list. * FIX (ANIMATIONS): Crew in cargo can move with head. * FIX (WIND CLUTTERS): Wind clutters are now without fire and view geometry. * FIX (WEAPONS): M4 replaced by M4A1 in ammoboxes and in crews and pilots. * FIX (RESPAWN WEAPONS): fixed respawn weapons and magazines.  * FIX (M4A1): now use fullauto fire mode instead burst. * FIX {RECOIL}: recoil and smoke disabled for vehicle mounted grenadelaunchers, grenade shells will be no longer visible in flight * FIX (SOUND): added sound for unguided rockets launch and flight * FIX (AMMO): added GP25 rounds to SLA Weapons Crates * FIX (ANIM): slower Oil fields derrick animation * FIX {ANIM}: improved weapons swaping. * IMPROVEMENT {GENERAL}: default infantry FOV values adjusted.
  9. durg78

    Durg's Vegetation Fix

    thats kind of my point. thats what i got. Not .......file located in the "ARMA\Durgs Vegetation Fix\tools" folder So why do we execute the bat? I unzip the file. Get "ARMA\Durgs Vegetation Fix\@Durgs Vegetation Fix\..." which conatins 3 folders 'addons','doc', and 'tools'. Readme tells me to run the batch file. Doesn't realy explain what it does, it goes of and does something, got nothing to show for it. and I'm left with this folder containing amonst other things a 'trees_fixed.pbo.bk'.I'm not familiar with '.bk'. And no explanation as to why MikerosDos tools, or Depbofixes are included. Sorry  I don't like to complain about addons as they are generated by freely given blood sweat and tears (not to mention time).But I realy want to try this addon and there seems a missing explanation here. Or someone has snuck up and whacked me on the back of the head with a STUPID stick. If, when you unzip the the file, it creates "ARMA\Durgs Vegetation Fix\@Durgs Vegetation Fix\"  then it has something to do with the unzip program you are using, or how you are using it.  I'm using WinRAR. Here's a technical explination as to what the bat file does: 1) copies the original games's plants.pbo to the "@DugsVegetationFix\Addons" folder 2) Renames the trees_fixed.pbo.bk to trees_fixed.pbo (bk stands for backup, trees_fixed.pbo contains only the models that I've modified... no textures, only models.. this keeps the download size small) 3) runs PatchPbo which creates a new file "plants.patched.pbo". This file contains everything from plants.pbo (models & textures). It then inserts the models that are in trees_fixed.pbo into the "plants.patched.pbo". 4) delete's the copied version of plants.pbo. 5) renames "plants.patched.pbo" to "plants.pbo" 6) renames "trees_fixed.pbo" back to "trees_fixed.pbo.bk" Short version: it generates a plants.pbo in "ARMA\@Durgs Vegetation Fix\Addons"
  10. durg78

    Durg's Vegetation Fix

    No, this mod does not work with any other vegetation/tree/bush mod except for Kegetys "lowplants". Â Even then, the instructions are quite specific about how to install them both.
  11. durg78

    Durg's Vegetation Fix

    This is exactly what i want to know. What about the fallen-trees? Any chance to change this effect? Because this is the bigger problem! AI can always lookthrough trees lying on the ground and this is a major problem! (sorry for m my bad english, hope you know what I mean..) Bushes: yes. Â This mod effects bushes. Fallen Trees: no. Â Unfortunatly, this doesn't seem to be fixable. Â
  12. durg78

    Durg's Vegetation Fix

    This doesn't happen if the instructions are followed correctly. See my previous post.
  13. durg78

    Durg's Vegetation Fix

    Never ever ever install downloaded mods into your ArmA\Addons folder! Â This is where the default BIS pbo's go. Â All Addon folders go in the ArmA directory. For example: ArmA\@DurgsVegetationFix ArmA\@TrueMods ArmA\@CSM Each of those folders will contain their own "Addons" folder with their respective pbo's and other files in them. Following the instructions, you will end up with a plants.pbo and sara_grass.pbo in your ArmA\@DurgsVegetationFix\Addons folder.
  14. durg78

    Durg's Vegetation Fix

    Ok, I have a solution to the "Durg's Vegetation Fix" vs "lowplants" issue. Â It is possible to use both, but these directions must be followed... NOTE: When I make a reference to the "ArmA" folder, I'm refering to the folder where ArmA is installed. Â If you have the Atari version, this would be C:\Program Files\Atari\ArmA (assuming you installed to your C: drive) 1) If you've already installed lowplants, then delete the Arma\lowplants folder. 2) Install Durg's Vegetation Fix (Refer to the instructions in my first post) 3) You will now install lowplants. However, when it asks for the location of your ArmA directory, choose ArmA\@DurgsVegetationFix This will create the following directory structure: ArmA\@DurgsVegetationFix\lowplants\addons 4) Copy the 2 pbo's in that folder to ArmA\@DurgsVegetationFix\Addons When asked if you want to overwrite the existing plants.pbo choose yes NOTE: This does NOT overwrite the original game's plants.pbo!! 5) Delete the ArmA\@DurgsVegetationFix\lowplants folder 6) ENJOY!
  15. durg78

    Durg's Vegetation Fix

    So many posts to reply to... let's start here.. It's funny how we came up with the same concept! I've looked at your how your mod works (great job by the way) and I believe that you see performance impact because you are creating these VB's via a script. Â It's the script that causes the performance impact. Â Although, with your mod, I don't see any other way of doing it. Does anyone who has downloaded this mod wish to comment on their performance results? As for the "Supernatural hearing" of AI... See the link to TrueRangeAI in my Sig. Â It's a Work in Progress. It includes Trees and Bushes, but not all of them, as some of them seemed ok by default. Â There is a list of modified ones in the ReadMe. Not so fast... Â I believe both mods are modifying the models, in which case your suggestion will not work. Â I am however working on a solution to make them both work together... more on that later. In the mean time, I kindly ask that you remove that suggested change to the bat file to avoid confusion. Â Thanks. Yes, this allows much better granularity, as the tree's natural shape is not a simple geometric figure. Yes the view blocks do cover portions of the tree that have an Alpha transparency to the texture. Â However, also keep in mind that the AI do not see color, and are not effected by this transparency. Also, they are not effected by camouflage, while we are. Â This does even things out fairly well. I hope those responses have been helpful. To everyone else, thank you all for your comments, I hope you all are enjoying this mod as much as I am.