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  1. gT.SWAT-guy

    Artillery Script

    how would you make that work for GRADs?
  2. get a dual core processor...
  3. BIS just released Arma2 sample models Link and thanks Norsu for figuring all of this out. :)
  4. I don't mind the faces, a face is the last thing you notice in real combat, what I do mind is the movement animations, in Arma 1 they are so sticky it was sometimes unbearable.  As you know better animations better the gameplay.  And how about some difference in animations, not everybody is trained to hold a weapon properly, I would to like see some  least trained combatants shoot from the hip, now THAT would add more realism & immersion to the game.
  5. gT.SWAT-guy

    Thanks Modders!

  6. gT.SWAT-guy

    Police Units

    not at the time.
  7. gT.SWAT-guy

    Police Units

    v0.5 released check first page
  8. gT.SWAT-guy

    Police Units

    I dont have the time to make a full vehicle model, so that's up to someone else who is interested in making it.
  9. gT.SWAT-guy

    Metal Gear Solid PMCs (beta)

    good stuff! love MGS4
  10. gT.SWAT-guy

    Police Units

    Your absolutely right on the badge, I totally missed that, as for the color of the uniform, its actually a really dark blue but in the screenshots in kinda bright so that's why the look a lighter blue.
  11. gT.SWAT-guy

    Police Units

    actually what I meant is that stock Arma did not came with any civ police forces. And yes I was thinking of adding some Sheriff units, and as for that LAV I would love to retexture it