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    Arma fence generator

    For anyone who may want to try this discontinued tool with V3, Leopotam was kind enough to find out that the tool requires 6 parameters (1 more then the 5 the current V3 exports). So simply export your objects from V3 "ca\structures\wall\wall_fen1_5";1533.33;1501.5;5;0; "ca\structures\wall\wall_fen1_5";1506.98;1630.37;5;0; "ca\structures\wall\wall_fen1_5";1509.85;1642.11;5;0; Then add an extra param at the end of each line (this first experiment worked fine for me) "ca\structures\wall\wall_fen1_5";1533.33;1501.5;5;0;[color="#FF0000"]0;[/color] "ca\structures\wall\wall_fen1_5";1506.98;1630.37;5;0;[color="#FF0000"]0;[/color] "ca\structures\wall\wall_fen1_5";1509.85;1642.11;5;0;[color="#FF0000"]0;[/color] Many thanks to Leopotam
  2. Rg

    Development Blog & Reveals

    @Smookie & Vespa, If A3 does indeed get a modernized interaction menu system (ex. hold a key [sPACE BAR]? & use mouse movement to select) this will free up the [MouseWheel] from action items. As Sniperwolf572 suggested, [MouseWheel] to control movement speed might work great. I tried making a prototype for A2 a while back, but couldn't get it fluid enough. Increase speed [MW UP] Decrease speed [MW DN] Sprint Jog TactPace Walk (+) Fluid movement that is intuitive. (Quick flick of your [MouseWheel]). (+) Frees up [sHIFT] and [2xW]. Also, since [sHIFT] would now be freed up, this could be the stance modifier (Closer and easier to reach then [CTRL]). [MouseWheel] speed worked great in SplinterCell/Hidden&Dangerous (where 3+ speed modes are used), but unsure how well it would work for an FPS where quick response is needed. Since most games don't offer 3+ different speed modes, there aren't a plethora of examples. For A3 however, [MouseWheel] speed might work out well, but would need serious testing.
  3. Rg

    Take On Difficulty Settings!

    Flying on expert mode where it's at once you get used to the basics. Constant input is then required from all controls. Then when you max the wind in the editor things start to get squirrely, but in a fun way of course :D I think it would be a good idea to allow clients to turn off aids in the MP environment, so that using certain aids isn't forced on people who fly with minimal or none. *EDIT* I went ahead and created a CIT, since I think this will become an important issue when more people start playing MP. http://dev-heaven.net/issues/25413
  4. Thats quite awesome. I just need to get our player to stick the landing then I have myself a neat little feature. Turns out to be a bug relating to the new grenade animations introduced in ACE, which btw are awesome! If you don't feel like waiting for TrueGameplay_Wizardry, you can either disable Truegameplay_Animation_TransitionSpeed OR download the hotfix below. @Truegameplay_Animation_TransitionSpeed & ACE users See top of first post for the ACE Grenade Fix BETA_v1. BETA_v1. Let me know if this works for you.
  5. I'm a ground hugger, but it's damn fun with the improved flight model and especially the lean axis (roll). My immersions! :icon_w00t: Joystick (Thrustmaster's older "Top Gun Fox 2 Pro" model) TrackIR4 (3 DOF enabled = Yaw,Pitch,Roll) Default, no trim Very low VD to give as much FPS as possible with fraps running HD available (but first test, which went awry) WQC3ld7-do0
  6. This thread didn't actually spiral down into a burning wreck, at least so far. :pray: :p The poll numbers are actually better then I was anticipating. My guess was around [10:90/20:80](Yay:Nay). While a zombie/infected endeavor would be totally off the wall for the BIS-Armaverse, it would however bring possible tech improvements (like TakeOnHeli will bring, albeit very different), extra moeenaay's from current & potential new players (however small and unwanted ;)), or just a different and fun (maybe needed) break from all things military since '01. It would be a first, to my knowledge, to do a sim-like take on an apocalyptic infection scenario. Going the normal zombie shooter route wouldn't bring much new to the table and would be much less competitive to the plethora of all-things-zombie in games as of late. Hell, I'm not even a zombie fan, with the one exception being 28 days even though its not a true zombie flick. However, I would still drop $10 just to have something professional done in that area for modders to toy with and to get a glimpse of what BIS may be capable of in close quarter interaction. @pogoman979 I'm a fan of Celery's script-only work, but the AI in your video (although hard to see for sure) seem to react even faster making escape even harder ;)
  7. This poll is just to test the waters among the current community to see how much interest there would be for such an endeavour after A3 release. With improved Physics & Animations, the prospects of something like this on RV3 get interesting. I personally would want the more believable infected/rage 28 days later DLC, but thats me. ;)
  8. @Militantsausage Tisman explained it. It's really simple to do, just takes some time copying, altering, and testing. I have no interest in using RH other then whats already in ACE, but if you want to release it go for it or you can send it to me and I'll just add it to the next version along with the final "TrueUser_Fov-AceCqbFix"s. @AnimalMother92 All the ones you mentioned should be fixed along with a few others. Turns out I missed a config, heh. @TrueUser_Fov-AceCqbFix users See top of first post for the ACE CQB sights fix BETA_v2. This is BETA, so let me know if I missed any weapons.
  9. Love the.. TacticalJog Faster hop over fence and even climbing over a wall Faster grenade throwing The added function of 4 speed modes. (Been wanting this for a very long time, albeit with a more fluid control like SC's & H&D's mouse wheel control) :) My testing feedback.. 1) Less short high stepping in (TacticalJog+SlowWalk+CrouchWalk) by shrinking down the stance a little more and making longer leg strides. 2) a) Reduce or Remove Zaxis gun movement b) Try to make Xaxis & Zaxis gun movement more consistent across shooting movements (TacticalJog+SlowWalk+CrouchWalk). 3) Different & faster "FastCrawl". 4) Add a "FastCrouchWalk/TacticalCrouchJog". 5) Tuck in right arm elbow. Keep up your awesome work.
  10. Rg

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 78927

    4. reduce exhaustion (duty) and up recovery + up weapon sway in stand and crouch The way I understand this is to add a little more shake/sway to your arms/weapon when standing/crouched, so you don't have a perfectly stable shot (holding the "breath" button would actually have more use now). Then reduce fatigue (duty) in those stances, so you don't have your arms/weapon jumping all over your screen in extreme amounts when fatigued. It would be a much better system.
  11. @PeterBitt @twisted @Mr.Ben I'm not sure what your complaining about in Xeno's video. 1) Is it the frozen pose in the grenade throwing animation? If so, that is a bug that I don't see on my computer (My guy continues to walk during Xeno's characters frozen pose until the throwing) or 2) Is it the prone movement speed? If so, you are seeing default prone speeds that have been in A2 since the '09 release. Then are we in agreement that the default prone speeds could be improved? ;) I highly suggest people play test with the latest beta's, since there have been changes with each new release.
  12. :omg: I didn't know full anim creation was possible since ofp. 1) Since your making jog/run a weapon up/ready animation, you should probably lower the "aimPrecision" value (if I remember correctly), if not already done, since the current one makes your gun/arms go all over the place when fatigued. Since walk is 0.15, maybe tactical jog/run should be the same or double rather then 1.5. 2) For "Forward roll", if not already done, lower "turnSpeed" to "1" or something low, so you can't do a sharp turn while rolling. 3) As PvPscene already mentioned, a 1st person video would be nice. I want to see what the head/gun movement is like while walking (in&out of ironsights) and tactical running. Keep up the good work. Seeing that this is possible makes me want to learn Maya heh.
  13. Rg

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 78927

    This is shaping up to be a happy medium. Other then figuring out what to do with the reloading and launcher readying complaints, I would suggest as others already have, to at least revert back to the "1.58 RC" run speeds if not slower. In this beta all running speeds are back to default and slowing down the run speeds seemed to be the one area that most testers liked. Sprint could also be slightly slower as it feels like your pushing into Olympic sprinter territory, but there hasn't been much feedback on that. All the "sky is falling!" responses from before makes me wonder if most of the same people would be complaining if these changes were in the game from the start and were changed to ArmA2 1.0 speeds with the fast running & slow transitions. Yes, it's a bad idea to throw something as drastic as this into the game after release without feedback first, but now they are taking the right steps by gathering feedback and adjusting where necessary, so now you have a chance to play test (yes, actually play with it for a least a few sessions, not a few minutes or not base your opinion on a few videos) and give feedback!
  14. @WillaCHilla I didn't even know we had a new benchmark for OA. :p I just ran it a few times, but it really isn't a good test, since there aren't that many plants and the camera doesn't get too close. I purposely picked high density places in the screenshots I posted. Less LOD definitely looks better, but I personally can't justify the fps hit. Benchmark 08 ------------- [0,0] = 73 [2,0] = 78 [1,3] = 60 @RoME I don't have arma on steam, but that looks about right.