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  1. hello how can i disable smoke for dac ai units,vihecle? THX
  2. I have no sound using JSRS MOD ? THX
  3. i play this mod on mp.whit i44 i only play sp . there aren't many players last week as you say. i like the missions as well as the maps the are realy nice. i wood like screaming and burnin units like in the i44 mod if the are hit whit the flamethrower and also some sp missions : ) the quality of this mod is great for mp and sp THX
  4. Hello I44 thx for the update nice winter neaville. But i still got problems whit the mg42 scoped tripod i crach the game when i zoon. i use vannilla a2 + oa + baf and use six updater what is wrong?THx
  5. The flamethrower doesnt work for me i :( got the latest cba and i got the funktions modul in the editor somebody help THX
  6. nice work Hell in the Pacific team thanks :)
  7. Great work cant wait thx
  8. is that Flak-Vierling also gonna b released? thx
  9. hello the mg42 scope and ironsight for tripod and bipod doesnt work for me i thought this was solved 2 patches ago? and can some one tell me how to add backpacks for (DAC) ai units ? they come whitout back packs thx
  10. How do i add backpacks for ai units (i44 amiricans) in the unit configs ? i have add the weapon configs corectly. Thx
  11. does anybody knows how to add backpacks on dac config units?
  12. Hello i44 enjoyin the mod very much spend many hours in the editor and even online :) for the first time. But i still got that error whit the landing mission after the patch the optics for the mg42 also doesnt seems to work grt dave
  13. Congratulations THX i44 Team Finaly some winter and new british units
  14. dont shoot let them burn ;) nice flamethrower
  15. Davey

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Great news Jarhead :bounce3:
  16. Davey

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    BLIP realy nice video :bounce3: predator is my favorite movie
  17. Davey

    F/A-18 Super Hornet

    Good news Meatball
  18. Davey

    F/A-18 Super Hornet

    Nice update. The textures are,great but i cant get in to the gunner seat in the editor is that sepose to be? You change the class names now all missions are useless lots off hours work but thx any way gonna work it out
  19. Geat screenshots :) Cant wait 2 play whit those winter units whit the Simple Breath Fog Script from TPW
  20. Davey

    USS Nimitz

    Geat addon remind me of the OFP days :) How do i get the shooter animation to work? thx Dave