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  1. hello how can i disable smoke for dac ai units,vihecle? THX
  2. I have no sound using JSRS MOD ? THX
  3. i play this mod on mp.whit i44 i only play sp . there aren't many players last week as you say. i like the missions as well as the maps the are realy nice. i wood like screaming and burnin units like in the i44 mod if the are hit whit the flamethrower and also some sp missions : ) the quality of this mod is great for mp and sp THX
  4. Hello I44 thx for the update nice winter neaville. But i still got problems whit the mg42 scoped tripod i crach the game when i zoon. i use vannilla a2 + oa + baf and use six updater what is wrong?THx
  5. The flamethrower doesnt work for me i :( got the latest cba and i got the funktions modul in the editor somebody help THX
  6. nice work Hell in the Pacific team thanks :)
  7. Great work cant wait thx
  8. is that Flak-Vierling also gonna b released? thx
  9. hello the mg42 scope and ironsight for tripod and bipod doesnt work for me i thought this was solved 2 patches ago? and can some one tell me how to add backpacks for (DAC) ai units ? they come whitout back packs thx
  10. How do i add backpacks for ai units (i44 amiricans) in the unit configs ? i have add the weapon configs corectly. Thx
  11. does anybody knows how to add backpacks on dac config units?