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  2. This bug is fixed in the latest beta. Thanks BIS. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=108575
  3. Is there a set way for mission designers to "work" with ACRE? Clients on my server are continually reporting missing PRC148s at mission start, some have, some don't. We often have to edit missions to include crates containing the 148s. For third party missions it means continual disconnecting and reconnecting till you gain a radio. Do commands in an unit's init line, such as "removeallweapons this" and adding other items effect Acre auto adding the radios?
  4. dmitri

    AC-130 Script for ARMA2 (0.3)

    I recall wondering why I couldn't see tracers as pilot :) Sadly I don't have RPTs for all the clients and not all were in visual range of the spectre to notice whether the tracers were visible or not :\ The error appeared in at least 1 client's RPT and the dedicated server's. I can test again over the weekend and report back here if you need concrete rpt proof that it's occurring on multiple clients.
  5. dmitri

    AC-130 Script for ARMA2 (0.3)

    Great mod During testing for inclusion on our dedi server we had an error popping up each time the AC130's weapons were fired. Was only visible with -showscripterrors. It didn't seem to be a critical issue, everything appeared to be working well, regardless thought I'd mention it. This was with a LDL AC130 Init module placed and 2 players in a C-130 with this in the init: this setVariable ["LDL_planeInUse", false, true]; RPT:
  6. dmitri

    Expansions in-game selector

    It's mostly caused confusion on my server as certain mods\addons don't work with it. Unnecessary feature, general admin advice for us to new players is always use a modline in a shortcut or batch file.
  7. Don't enable or watch fps counters while playing, accept the performance in this engine is low especially with a lot of AI, drop all graphics settings to low regardless of hardware.
  8. Our community is having a lot of trouble with ACRE and getting it to install correctly on individual user's systems. The problem seems to be 32-bit copies of TS3 + the dll plugin. Users have to manually go in and delete the x64 dll each time they install, which seems to be creating a lot of confusion (users..what can you do hey? :\ ) Perhaps add a 32-bit installer? I have never had any issues with ACRE personally, I'm running 64-bit. Great addition to the game.
  9. I experienced this exact same issue over the weekend. Fixed wing aircraft move only to final waypoint (ignoring all other waypoints in a series), helicopters don't move at all.
  10. Even if it isn't "bugged", expect server performance to go from 40fps in an average mission to about 9fps with the module active.
  11. We're having an issue which seems to be related to F2's Mission Conditions Selector. There's always one or two clients that aren't synced with the time selected in the mission parameters. Selecting 'night' leaves some clients with daylight. It appears to be random and happens quite often. This has happened both in ArmA 2 and OA on multiple missions using the framework. I've double checked the setup and it all seems correct. Any ideas?
  12. Also noticed the slowdown near vegetation in OA suddenly being "back". What's likely happening is the OA maps have nearly no vegetation over large portions of the map, so when you do approach the villages\areas with concentrated vegetation the performance drop is noticed immediately. Where as on Chernarus it was at a constant middling to low ebb due to vegetation being present everywhere. Less spikes in performance.
  13. Yeah once or twice. But then I've killed thousands of AI single handedly so I'm not really worried about them getting a couple of lucky shots off.