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    Roaming AI A3XAI

    0:24:40 "A3XAI Debug: Attempting to place 7 random spawns on the map..." 0:24:40 "A3XAI Debug: Random spawn 1 of 7 placed at [8202.78,7422.84,0] with params [1,1,0,0.4] (Attempts: 1)." 0:24:40 y (4096) out of range <0, 1024) Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 013FC047 My server crashes and it looks like it has something to do with A3XAI. Is there a fix for that or known bug?
  2. DagovaxGames Roaming Civilian Planes Addon Prerequisites Exile @DGCore DG Script that adds roaming planes (with ATC option). This Arma 3 Exile script spawns roaming civilians in a plane, and let them fly between airports on the map. The plane will first take off from a random airport, and then move to a position on the map that is mirrored (x,y) of the starting position. After it reached that position it will land at another random airport. If there is only one airport on the map, it will land at the same airport it took of from. After landing, the pilot will leave the plane and move to the nearest enterable house. (or despawns instantly if no house was found). At the same time a timer will be enabled which will delete the plane if no player entered it after 120 seconds. This time will later be integrated in DGCore Configuration. Once a player enters the plane before the timer ran out, it will stop despawning, and the player can claim/sell the plane. The pilot will be deleted once he reached the house, but he will be deleted from the active queue once he landed. Warning This script uses airports available on the map. If you have scripted airports (Dynamic Airports) to the map, AI planes might fail to use them correctly. ATC I integrated ATC communication between the planes and virtual ATC. This can come in handy for players that are trying to land at that exact moment a plane is on the runway. You can disable this in the configuration. I implemented some default sounds into the @Base Defense Systems mod, which will trigger the comminucation for players in range. If you uncomment the BDS arrays in DGRP_ATCTraffic they will be used. By default you need to add your own CfgSound classes in array format. Download and installation info: https://github.com/Dagovax/DGRoamingPlanes If you want to see this addon in action, check the DagovaxGames Napf Server:
  3. Sirrianus Dagovax

    DG Base Attacks

    Only the killer will see those messages. I added a DGCore config setting DGCore_EnableKillMessage. Setting it to false will disable those messages.
  4. Sirrianus Dagovax

    DG Base Attacks

    DagovaxGames Base Attack Server Addon Prerequisites Exile @DGCore DG Exile server-side script that let AI attack a player's base. This Arma 3 Exile script can be used to let AI raid a base from a player. The script checks a certain amount of time how long a player is inside his base. After the timer completes and the player is still inside his base, the base will be under attack from AI. Note that this script is built for Exile servers. I decided to create this script because the vemf reloaded script I used on the server was quite buggy. Based on your configuration, there are a couple of possibilities: Alarm Sounds When the base is under attack, certain sounds will be player to notify the player that his base is under attack 3 Raid Groups Based on the configuration and the base level, up to 3 different AI groups will be spawned around the base that will perform the raid. The first group is the standard one and will spawn for all base levels, although the AI count of this group can be configured. They spawn a certain distance away from the base on foot and will move to the base and attack any player. This group will spawn for medium leveled bases, and will use a ground vehicle, or a boat (when the base is near water), and then drive to the base. The third group will spawn far away from the base, and will move in a helicopter that will drop them at the players base. This group will only be spawned for high level bases. Download and installation info: https://github.com/Dagovax/DGBaseAttack If you want to see this addon in action, check the DagovaxGames Napf Server:
  5. [EN-PVE][DagovaxGames]Exile|10k|Napf|DG|DMS|GMS|RHS|CUP|NIA| IP: Map: Napf Battlemetrics: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/arma3/17376356 Description: A Napf PVE server fully configured using Exile and the known missions GMS, CUP, Town invasions and roaming AI. As extra missions, I added unique missions as well: Destruction Request Spawns a vehicle that the player needs to destroy to gain a reward crate. As extra I added funny music tracks to the vehicle so you can hear it coming. Base Raids If you stay in your base for a while you can be raided by Napf Bandits. Based on your base level, 3 squads could spawn that includes a group on foot, in a vehicle or even in a helicopter dropping troops. Also unique sounds when a base raid is happening Water Missions Because Napf is an island surrounded by sea, I also created water missions that gives you an unique opportunity to fight underwater, or with boats. Airdrop Events Another custom mission will be a helicopter moving to your position at random, which can be friendly or enemy. If it is friendly it can drop you a vehicle reward, or AI units that will move into your group, so you can command them. Enemies will try to kill you of course. And I am still improving the server and adding additional stuff. So come by and check this advanced PvE server 😀 Discord: DagovaxGames