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  1. Yeah I did. Update(In case anyone has this issue): While I haven't a fix, I did find the issue: My wireless razer headset. If I use it wired, works fine, soon as I use it wireless, engine on in helicopter crashed the game. Weird, not more wireless audio arma for me.
  2. This is literally the most anticipated mod for me for any games, let alone ARMA. Was K9 handler in the military for more than half a decade, can't wait to do it in arma, looks amazing!!!!! Hype is not even a word! Let me know if you need any reference equipment of behaviour wise!
  3. Hi everyone, I have tried all the tips I could find online on how to solve this issue. It seems to happening specifically whenever starting a mudded helicopter engine, otherwise the game is very stable. My hardware is easily within spec, and yes my ram is good. I have reinstalled the game, and the mods, multiple times, verified game files integrity on steam, and this problem has never occurred before now (installing arma 3 after a long time of not playing). I have started work in editor designing scenarios for my clan and am unable to fly a helicopter or even start an engine, for the life of me. The vanilla helicopters work just fine. I have tried to reduce the number of mods I use drastically however the error continues to occur and crash my game. Very frustrated at this point.