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  1. I've been playing around with the conversation system for a mission. I've set up everything properly, and it works flawlessly in SP. As soon as I load it onto a dedicated server however, the conversation triggers correctly - with lip sync, sounds and everything working, but it's as if the entire conversation takes places in the span of one second. The two actors in conversation overlap with one another which makes the whole thing feel horrible. Does anyone have any reasons why this may be? Here's the current setup for the description.ext, brief.bikb and the chat.sqf: // In description.ext class CfgSentences { class Conversation1 { class Briefing { file = "brief.bikb"; #include "brief.bikb" }; }; }; // in brief.bikb class Sentences { class Brief_Line_1 { text = "Welcome Able Squad, we are refueling the trucks that will take you to Gryzbow. For now, have a quick rest and check your equipment." speech[] = { "\chat\t1.ogg", db }; class Arguments {}; actor = "c1"; }; class Brief_Line_2 { text = "We've brought in some extra munitions and medical supplies - feel free to take what you need from the crate." speech[] = { "\chat\t2.ogg" }; class Arguments {}; actor = "c2"; }; class Brief_Line_3 { text = "Yes sir." speech[] = { "\chat\t3r.ogg" }; class Arguments {}; actor = "sl1"; }; }; class Arguments {}; class Special {}; startWithVocal[] = {hour}; startWithConsonant[] = {europe, university}; // in chat1.sqf ["Briefing", "Conversation1"] call bis_fnc_kbtell; The whole thing is activated via a trigger for any player: null = execVM "chat1.sqf"; At this point, I don't believe it's an error within the scripts, I feel like it's something I'm missing from a server/MP environment perspective but I'm kind of stumped. At this point I feel like it would probably be easier writing a script that sideChat's each line of text and using say3D to get the audio across, then sleeping between each sentence but grr. Anyone have any experience with this?
  2. Hi there, I'm attempting to unhide a layer that I have previously hidden using the following code in the mission init.sqf, with "layer_checkpointwest" being my layer: { _x hideObjectGlobal true; } forEach (getMissionLayerEntities "layer_checkpointwest" select 0); I want to unhide everything in this layer at some point later on in the mission. Originally I had it set up in an addAction for a Zeus player to trigger: zeus1 addAction ["4. Unhide Checkpoint Ambush Scene", {{_x hideObjectGlobal false;} forEach (getMissionLayerEntities "layer_checkpointwest" select 0);}, nil, 1.5, false, true, "", "true", 3]; For SP and locally hosted MP this works fine, however on a dedicated server nothing seems to happen. I am thinking it's something to do with the way hideObjectGlobal needs to be called on the server - but even using a trigger to remoteExec a script > "[] remoteExec ["unhidecheckpoint.sqf", 2, false];" with essentially the opposite of the init.sqf code doesn't seem to work either. I've been reading so much on this and I don't feel like I'm fully understanding what I'm missing! Any help or advice with this is much appreciated.
  3. This worked like a charm - thank you! I don't know how I forgot about execVM for .sqf's but oh well. Back to the wiki I go😥