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  1. Hey Pierremgi, super sorry for the late response! Thanks for the help!
  2. Of course, thanks for the help nonetheless and thanks for making such a great mod! Take care!
  3. Awesome! Last question, I promise! I just wanted to ask if there will be any implementation of a ticket system(giving sides/groups certain amount of respawn tickets)? Or is there a way I can achieve this already?
  4. Thanks for the help! Would it be possible, say, make it so the script recognizes markers of the same name, just with different numbers at the end (ex: RespMGIEast_2,RespMGIEast_1,RespMGIEast) like the respawn markers from the "SP simple respawn" module (MGI_resp_XXX)? Make it so instead of typing the array in this manner, "RespMGIEast_2,RespMGIEast_1,RespMGIEast", I can type just "RespMGIEast_XXX" in the "selectRandom" array?
  5. Hello, how would one do this? in an init.sqf? Sorry for my lack of knowledge.