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    Air Drop suggestion

    Hello, I have been enjoying the game and would like to add my voice to an enhancement request regarding air drops. At this time, it appears that air drops are the highlight of the match and something everyone is waiting for. Comm stations are in place to manipulate the air drops, people camp the landing zone, etc. Why not make it worth the risk? My suggestion: Randomize the crate for the air drop. Sometimes it is a common drop, other times it is a special 'GOLD' crate. Add some mystery to this. I guarantee the interest in acquiring an air drop will greatly increase. Players can also have the option of spending crowns to guarantee a higher level drop or even multiple crates. Also, the chance of getting a Gold crate doesn't have to be the same as an uncommon crate... All we need is a chance that there could be a better crate. Thank you for your time
  2. Rapacious

    Buttons PS5

    Hold L1 and select item you want to ise with R joystick. Then press R2 to use
  3. Rapacious

    Can’t login

    Anyone looking into this? Seems to be happening on ps4 and 5.
  4. Rapacious

    Bug report on PS5

    I have experienced this as well. It can take as long as 3 or more minutes to recover from this. Totally annoying. In addition, when I am grouped, we have to disband the group and reform before we can play because the player is locked in a status where a new mission cannot be started.
  5. Rapacious

    Nerf radiation grenades

    I agree to a point. I think if the room is made of wood, then the radiation can bleed through. However, if the room is in a bunker, like what we find in Batterie Draug, then it should be isolated to that room and bleed out into the hallway. Please keep in mind that radiation grenades are expensive to make.
  6. Rapacious

    Elimination Team Balance

    I was on a team with just two players... They could definitely apply some logic to loop the game back out to "waiting on players" to get more players.
  7. Rapacious

    Remove jumpshot in Vigor, it's ridiculous.

    Agreed. I would modify Jumping as a whole. Here are my suggestions: 1) Jumping needs to use up a lot of stamina. For example, 30% of max stamina. This could increase as Outlander weight is increased by gathering new weapons and loot. 2) Jumping and Shooting should be disabled for heavy weapons, anything with a heavy weight icon next to it. For example, There is no way that someone carrying an M249 should be able to jump and shoot. This weapon loadout weighs approximately 18 LBS fully loaded. The nice thing about Vigor was that it was not a call of duty clone. Try to keep the game to a gritty realistic combat system. You will never see a real life soldier running and jumping as they shoot their weapon. Please continue to try new things and listening to player feedback. Thank you