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  1. Joshua Diener

    I buy drink and snack

    But server fail. Any word when repairs will be initiated?
  2. Joshua Diener

    does this game even work yet?

    Everything was made clear before purchase (unlike some other studios): $30 Test bed, 12 month updates, do your own research. If that is your cup of tea go ahead. Many have chosen to purchase. Argue about the price a bit high definitely. But there should be no complaints only suggestions as all risks have been laid out before hand thankfully. After an unfinished DayZ this is BI's last straw for alpha purchase. We will see what happens but it looks solid from here on out. Test bed, things will break, read before you buy, jump in or not. It was all laid out in writing before you clicked the purchase button. It's pretty Da*n good as it is although a thousand things could be improved upon. I've seen increasing player counts every week. I can see the potential it is very tasty, and if it flowers they will get my dollar. Otherwise I will give my dollar elsewhere. A lot of competition out there.
  3. Joshua Diener

    AI sees too far!

    I'm not sure if foliage or smoke blocks AI vision; it should. AI seems to rush from a distance (up a hill or across a field) while clustered like grapes for easy mow downs. They know how to flank a bit though. AI tactics must improve.
  4. Joshua Diener

    Bullet Velocity Low

    Informative posts, thank you. Back to the range I go 😁
  5. Joshua Diener

    Shots do not register

    Thank you.
  6. Joshua Diener

    Shots do not register

    I will report in the appropriate section.
  7. Joshua Diener

    Bullet Velocity Low

    Series X here, not sure about PC. I suspect bullet velocity is quite low, at least for the dragunov. Has anyone else noticed this or am I just used to cod?
  8. Joshua Diener

    MnK support

    At least the Xbox doesn't require a call to NASA after every update or when trying to install a program 🤣
  9. Maybe it's my eyes but I find it difficult to see beyond 200 meters, very fuzzy. (Series X)
  10. In this game I'd prefer to have no hud display of any kind. There is a compass in game, in your kit that you can hotkey, a quick glance and a call out of the general direction of the enemy is all that is needed. Landmark and building call outs etc work too. "Tree line to the right behind the cabin.'
  11. Compass HUD? 🤢🤢🤢 Heresy! lol. I'm sure in the next two months you'll be able to cross off some of those items.
  12. I do not see how they will not add those mechanics. It goes to show how early on reforger is and the potential that is likely.
  13. This is the first Arma game I have played and I noticed these things as well. If I book it to a position exhausted I look for spot to brace for a moment, or use a bipod, this mechanic is not available. This is just a 'test bed' right? So I'm sure reforger is pretty bare bones at the moment. I will second the opinion of No Arcade, Plenty of cods out there... I'll add one more thing: I deleted cod and apex (xbox) because I don't see myself going back after getting a slight taste of Arma potential, I won't be buying MW2 either. Food for thought.
  14. Joshua Diener

    Contract + Hostage Missions

    The game Hitman allows you to set any npc as a main target for a mission and write a bio: some extremist scumbag you need take out because they bombed a hospital etc. With the level editor on both pc and console I am suggesting that capture or kill + hostage rescue capabilities in the level editor would be an absolute blast. I understand modders could do this but I'd like to see it in vanilla on both pc and console. Thank you for your time.