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  1. blackflagmedia

    KYIV UKRAINE 72km Map

    i added you check your messages
  2. started redoing all gis buildings spending 4 hours on a building alone-
  3. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199074536557
  4. hmmm. add me and send me the file i see what you are doing wrong ill make a video of it so you can see what is wrong
  5. blackflagmedia

    Sat map crashing workshop.

    OPEN your sat map up in paint and resave as a .png file then load it... that will fix it.
  6. blackflagmedia

    KYIV UKRAINE 72km Map

    link you stream account I'll add you i will help you
  7. i have the map 1/16th of the way made, textured etc. looking for people that want to team up and make the map... also factions etc... drop accounts to link up share files etc even if your getting started creating its fine idea of this is to make a community map but yeah..
  8. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UO05I4LxzPJ_TjZfjnl_tgVOzdtUzUon/view?usp=share_link < download that and you will see how its done
  9. you need to add prefabs then. my friend here i upload my source files and all on here and i have a folder named prefabs
  10. you needing help setting up enfusion blender tools? you must make a folder with the name collider in it first or just click sort items just tell me your steam it be faster i add you make a video on how to setup colliders using enfusion tools
  11. what is your steam I'll add you I can help I don't know everything but i know a lot.
  12. doesnt work for me either- i dont know why
  13. name item "UTM_COLLIDER" in blender i can share you a link to a video if you like