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  1. jordi771

    [WIP] Zimnitrita

    salut casseburne, es tu Français ? j'ai vu avec un grand intérêt ta carte et moi même ,e suis en trains de faire une carte sur la cote normande. je veux bien t'aider si tu veux. je t'ai envoyé une demande d'ami sur steam. hello casseburne, are you french? I saw your map with great interest and I myself am making a map of the Normandy coast. I want to help you if you want. I sent you a friend request on steam.
  2. I haven't been able to play on reforger for a few days now. once I get to the menu, I can't do any action. Do you have any ideas to solve the problem. I uninstalled the game and checked the files but nothing happened. no errors are mentioned!! graphic card : amd rx 6600
  3. jordi771

    KYIV UKRAINE 72km Map

    steam contact :https://s.team/p/crw-bhhm/hkbqrhmj
  4. jordi771

    KYIV UKRAINE 72km Map

    why not ! I would go. you know that for the buildings I haven't understood everything yet but with your help it should be doable. For the rest I have a little control. For textures I use substances painter. Oh and I speak very little English. goolgle translation is my friend lol
  5. thanks for sharing file. now I understand the principe. I tested with one of your buildings on my map and it works. On the other hand with my buildings, it still does not work. something must have escaped me. could you redo a slower video on blender with a simple object that has different "mesh" until you put the collisions. that would be cool
  6. Hello, I did as in the video. it's good I have the collider menu. I did a test with a simple object, the collisions are well recorded and appear on enfusion as well as the textures. on the other hand my character always passes through. I must not have understood well. can you give all the steps PLEASE; my steam is [OTEA] GIORBEV
  7. [OTEA] GIORBEV steam account I must tell you that I don't really know how to use blender. I have just started and I speak English very badly. (long live google translation lol) I watched your video. however I don't have the options in the colliders setup. I think it's due to a bad installation of the addon in the material preferences I have a "pyton" error : Python: Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Users\jordi\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\3.2\scripts\addons\EnfusionBlenderTools\operators.py", line 1879, in invoke layerPresets = get_layer_presets() File "C:\Users\jordi\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\3.2\scripts\addons\EnfusionBlenderTools\utils.py", line 64, in get_layer_presets f = open(addon + gproj,'r') UnboundLocalError: local variable 'gproj' referenced before assignment
  8. ok thank you i will watch your video
  9. jordi771

    Exported FBX file has no texture

    en français : alors que les autres moteurs graphiques utilisent un grand nombre de jeu de textures, reforger a condensé certains éléments ensemble et c'est pour cela que vos textures sont correctes sur blender et blanc sur enfusion après de longues recherches sur le net, j'ai trouvé un preset pour faire une export correct vers enfusion mais il faut utiliser le logiciel d'abode : substance 3D painter. il faudra créer 3 textures pour l'exportation que j'ai sauvegarder sous le nom enfusion bi : le BCR, le MNO et le NHO voilà comment cela est réparti sur le logiciel : le BCR : RGB + A (rugosité) le MNO : R(normal open GL) +G (normal open GL) + B (metallic)+ A(ambiant occlusion) le NHO : R (GL ouvert normal) + G (GL ouvert normal) + B (transmissif) + A (occlusion ambiante) une fois cela fait : 1/ vous ouvrez avec le logiciel votre fbx 2/ vous importez vos textures avec les normales etc.. 3/ Appliquez les textures sur l'objet 4/ vous exportez les textures BCR ET MNO vers votre pc 5/ importer des nouvelles textures sur reforger voici un lien en Français pour vous aider
  10. jordi771

    Exported FBX file has no texture

    I use substances painter for textures and I found an export preset for enfusion that outputs the BCR texture; MNO; and NHO
  11. hello, for my project, I would like to import buildings in fbx format into enfusion. I have a factory in fbx with a mesh and 14 materials. when I import the fbx without the collision mod, I have the different LODs but if I do the collision on blender (object renamed in UTM or UBX), I no longer have access to the lods. could anyone help me? I read the post on the bohemia forum but it doesn't change much
  12. superb work. how did you do the object collision? can you share buildings. Anyway congratulations
  13. I am working on two real maps located in France. the first a small rural town near my home small card almost finished. the second the Normandy beaches 20kmx10km approximately