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  1. So, quite time ago I noticed aim assist is not working properly in encounters, like it works in the Shooting Range... Crosshair kinda sticks at the target, when you move it across and slows down a bit. And it worked the same way in encounters, but not anymore. Is this a bug or developers broke something? Or maybe now it's a new feature?
  2. Valkuran

    Changelog 0.8.37667

    Are you, guys, planning to implement an AMD Fidelity FX? Or any other ways to take to increase fps on Xbox One X up to 60?
  3. Valkuran

    Is it possible to play Vigor on PC?

    If developers make it an Xbox exclusive, why they don't add a keyboard and mouse support on the consoles? In this case no need to port it on the PC.
  4. Valkuran

    Game client issue

    So, this is not a first time happening and getting on the regular basis: During the game, in the match or in the shelter, game client hangs up and kicks me out to the dashboard. It started happening about 4 weeks ago. Please, fix this issue.
  5. Dear developers, Pease, implement FidelityFX technology to the game, in order to boost performance on Xbox one X consoles, up to 60 fps. I just can't believe that 60 fps cannot be reached on One X hardware. I got a bright example: MechWarrior 5 ran at 30fps before it's been patched with FidelityFX and now runs at 60fps on One X! There are a lot of people running an older hardware out there.