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    Extended Effects

    How could I use this mod with another conversion mod? I'm mainly interested in the voice system for the enemy AI, and I want to use that with the ETON85 mod, which is like the same as the CSLA mod.
  2. I was testing SLX 1.1 and ffsx 85, and both mods has a feature that allows you to zoom in or out when aiming the weapon with the V key by default, and I would like to use that same feature in vanilla mode, because in SLX and ffsx 85 I have low FPS or lag due to the graphical improvements that those mods have. So what could I do to have that feature in vanilla mode? is there any addon or file that allows to do that?
  3. MaxxPayne95

    WARMOD release

    it worked, thanks. And btw, what are the mods to improve the AI that WarMod uses (in addition to ECS)? I've been playing and the AI seems better than playing with only ECS
  4. MaxxPayne95

    SLX Replacement Pack, Mod, and Addons

    What is the complement, addon or file that allows you to zoom in or out of the camera (with the + and - keys of the numeric keyboard) when you aim or use the iron sight? Would it be possible to use that feature in vanilla mode? And also, is there a way to remove grass or graphic enhancements? I don't know if it will be grass or bushes, but the fps drops drastically.
  5. MaxxPayne95

    WARMOD release

    Maybe no one plays this anymore (especially because this post is from 2009), but there is a small detail that I did not like from this mod despite the fact that everything else is perfect, and it is that when aiming or using the iron sight of the weapon I can not reduce the field of vision to the minimum (with the key "-" of the numerical keyboard as normally can be done in arma 1.18), and I can only reduce the field of vision when I am not aiming, but when aiming the field of vision automatically shrinks or returns to "normal" shape. Also when I narrow the field of vision it feels really weird, like it increases the sensitivity of the mouse or something. So, will there be a way to make it go back to being like the vanilla version where you can reduce the field of view to the maximum when aiming?