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  1. @Janez I couldn't manipulate the despawn radius centered to the player. I spawned a worker at the airport, gave him a rangefinder for roleplay and added myself a Darter to see spawned objects. Then I flew off Tanoa Airport on a small plane. The objects at the airport were visible in turret camera still after 1km. Once I landed on Tuvanaka: The Darter could still see the team member (worker) at the airport and I could move him around. All enemy units, civilians and vehicles had despawned. Flying a Neophron again. If I fly fast, sometimes targets manage to spawn only after fly-by. They do stay for awhile if I circle in the vicinity. Despawns occur after around 1-2km, the Tigris is visible from farther. Great flying practice trying to stay close to the targets and not hit the ground while strafing. Tedious to get any results though. A certain house in Vagalala got a surprise gift. I wonder what Samjo says. EDIT: Y-32 Xi'an makes CAS missions more feasible. EDIT: Kajman captured from QRF makes CAS missions way more feasible. HINT: Enemy Neophrons seem to stop harassing you once you shoot down one.
  2. Using external backup saves has been a boon. Thank you @Janez. Flying a neophron now. PROBLEM: Targets spawn only few hundred meters away despite 5km object render in the settings. This renders my jet approach pretty useless*. I am using real engine, animation patch and CBA_A3, (the mods mentioned here). I can't determine if they are to blame since the save won't load without them anymore. Is this also something of an Old Man quirk?
  3. @Valken I am trying it. (1) Launching the game says "fast movement" demands some CBA_XEH addon which I can't find in Steam Workshop. (2) Playing Old Man: planes and helicopters randomly freeze in the sky. Easy targets, but also utterly indestructible. These are related, yes?
  4. Cheers @Janez for level-headednessing. Though I guess that skeleton crew don't need food or sleep. 😛 I see many things in ArmA3 have to be taken with the attitude of Martincitopants in "How it feels to upgrade your PC" (2:18 )
  5. will this be compatible with all official content?
  6. Thanks again for QRF = Quick Response, Fabulous. Steam is supposed to keep it updated? Anyway I upgraded to ultimate edition less than two weeks ago... I'll look into this...
  7. While I'm still fuming about the broken Old Man, a bit about the physics and playability of ArmA3 in general (While I may sound angry, I've actually found the best game ever and I'm happy to contribute to the critical mass of reports to make things even better.) Accessing corpses is often a hassle, especially when they are on rooftops. Often a weapon just disappears/falls through the roof when I try to access it. The area where the "rifle icon" appears is way too small. Since inventory tabs (ground/crate etc.) are a thing, why not all make things on an certain radius from the player to be accessible. I hate having to spend seconds searching for the proper "aim" at corpses' inventories when in a hurry. Of all the times I was in a firefight IRL, I could always pick up a gun faster IRL than in Arma3. When I try to loot an empty outfit into my backpack I always end up wearing it. On second try, it goes properly into the backpack. I have died because of this. Happens with vests too. Being injured while driving seems way too easy. Sometimes I need a treat myself after quadbike drive without even knowing I may have had bumped into 10cm high root. Sure, simulator and IRL people are extra careful with vehicles but this seems still excessive. The way camera bobs around while driving in the woods. OMG. GMG. Whatever. I wish I could see through the foliage between the car and the camera. I guess just stick to simulating myself onto the front seat. I reversed a truck to a door, shut the engine and tried to go inside. It was too close. Pressed 'V' to snug past. DIED. This has worked with offroads though. To add to the injury, I was still clueless enough to use the recommended restricted saving in Old Man. And, boy, a save was a long way back. Item stacks in inventory shuffle randomly. It is super annoying. A link to the discussion.
  8. Thanks. Now I appear to haven fallen for a bug: glitched virus mission (links hidden below). That pretty much kills this mission for me. I have already restarted this otherwise magnificent mission three times because of its bugs. Couple restarts were because of unable to deliver medicine to the doctor for the first time. Then I got fed up with all the physics glitching* and being unable to access corpses' inventories and restarted with the not-so-recommended improved saving ability. I understand restricted saving improves playing immersion in theory but sadly this mission is just too buggy/glitchy for that to be actually warranted. Even with more saves now, I do not possess a save before obtaining the virus usb stick. And I have invested so much precious play time in the playthrough I definitely don't want to start all over yet again. This mission would really benefit from infinite save slots with the ability to name them. To be able to recover at least part of the progress. Some games possess access to in-game console commands to manually progress quests. I understand that is not possible in ArmA3 ? I love ArmA3 so much! No other game is so dedicated to realism which I adore in all media in this fantasy-saturated real world. Please save (pun intended) this mission for me! *general ArmA3 feedback
  9. It doesn't seem so. Even with 10 clip stack the inventory was reordered twice after I had previously picked those 10 clips in a row. And no matter the technicalities this is an rather big usability issue anyway and should be addressed.
  10. Since destroying the silos, are the Support Attack quests really supposed to happen every half an hour?
  11. (I failed to find any usable topics on this... which is pretty surprising.) I'm currently playing Old Man, but this has always been a problem in Arma3. Example: I'm moving a stack of items, like 20 clips, to a truck. I have to right-click them one by one. So looting shouldn't be a breeze when expecting QRF shortly. Fine. I can live with that. But what is really annoying is the fact that during that, say, 20-right-clicking-spree that stack of clips moves somewhere down the inventory list and I end up moving something completely else into the truck. This problem has always plagued my inventory usage. Is there a mod cure for this? Though I'd really like to see this fixed as it is a core interface issue imho.
  12. I read from an older posts that one of the devs was looking into this : https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/169625-saving-equipment-in-campaign/ I understand everything Kerry and his teammates are carrying or things stored into vehicles upon return is supposed to be trasferred into the armoury. Not in my case. I'm running clean Steam install playing east wind. I just completed the 'breaking even' and the looted mortar backpacks stored in my offroad didn't go into the armoury. Now I have to try if having team carry backpack helps. But I have to play 'breaking even' all over again because the saves are automatically gone . EDIT: Did exactly that and after much hassle, managed to have AI pick up one mortar bp and now I have it. BUT lost a 7.62 rifle which was carried back to camp by one team member. This is so random... It's very frustrating to try to collect a spesific setup while stuff keeps disappearing for no reason. Also - even worse - I've lost quite many prized possessions (mainly 7.62mm rifles) in vehicles not making it into the armoury. I'm trying to build up a spotter/marksman team but I keep losing proper rifles. EDIT: Afterwards I completed 'exit strategy' and aborted while in gori. Next time I play, campaign selection shows 'exit strategy' completed and gori below that. BUT when I resume game, it loads midway into 'exit strategy' without the saves I previously had near completion. This is way too bugged... EDIT: now I never quit the game while in camp, but rather stop playing during missions