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east wind campaign armoury still bugged

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I read from an older posts that one of the devs was looking into this : https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/169625-saving-equipment-in-campaign/

I understand everything Kerry and his teammates are carrying or things stored into vehicles upon return is supposed to be trasferred into the armoury.


Not in my case. I'm running clean Steam install playing east wind.


I just completed the 'breaking even' and the looted mortar backpacks stored in my offroad didn't go into the armoury. Now I have to try if having team carry backpack helps. But I have to play 'breaking even' all over again because the saves are automatically gone . EDIT: Did exactly that and after much hassle, managed to have AI pick up one mortar bp and now I have it. BUT lost a 7.62 rifle which was carried back to camp by one team member. This is so random... It's very frustrating to try to collect a spesific setup while stuff keeps disappearing for no reason.


Also - even worse -  I've lost quite many prized possessions (mainly 7.62mm rifles) in vehicles not making it into the armoury. I'm trying to build up a spotter/marksman team but I keep losing proper rifles.


EDIT: Afterwards I completed 'exit strategy' and aborted while in gori. Next time I play, campaign selection shows 'exit strategy' completed and gori below that. BUT when I resume game, it loads midway into 'exit strategy' without the saves I previously had near completion. This is way too bugged... EDIT:  now I never quit the game while in camp, but rather stop playing during missions

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Why not just use simple single player cheat menu  to load your guys up? 

Single player missions are fraught with things breaking, AI (friendly and enemy) doing weird things. You don't have to cheat yourself a Leopard II MBT but if there's a piece of Marksman DLC that you want to use that isn't available in the vanilla campaign set yourself a target - ie/


the snipers at the factory




on the hill above the broken IFV


And on successful neutralisation edit a team members loadout accordingly.


It would be great if all the later produced assets were inserted into the story arc - Weasel/dalek tanks, the new jets, maybe some exotic weapons from Apex, but that feels like a whole new 'game' and if features like all equipment collected on side missions be saved into the arsenal works consistently. 


I think (sadly) the prospect of getting the story missions looked at again in close to nil.

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