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  1. csepi0101


    ok, the teleport is already almost perfect but if many units are arrived at once (and stand inside the trigger)then sometimes not work therefore, 2-3 trigger areas should be behind each other and everyone will pass safely
  2. csepi0101


    ok works with vehicle x,thanks thanks
  3. csepi0101


    yes i was hoping for similar,when not need to use new variables,big thanks and the vehicle_x?
  4. Thanks how good for the person when the syntax is coming from routine,he can make anything he can figure out
  5. you got it wrong,i not think about animation speed,but the characters don't have idle animations, eg they look at their watch, scratching, stand from one leg to other leg, they look into the distance, they look at the ground,a lot could be found to they look more human another question,another theme: how to add a random number between 5 and 15 to this cordinates: { (vehicle _x) setPos [6447,4788,0]; } forEach thisList; thanks
  6. csepi0101


    certain reactions of AI must be switched off,now I can't think of syntax but I remember things like Disableai move, danger, etc ... it's my question if you're already here: how to add a random number between 5 and 15 to one of this coordinates? { (vehicle _x) setPos [6447,4788,0]; } forEach thisList; in the simplest way
  7. you are a real professional you typed quickly first the perfect solution I could have simply copied it but the "scheduled environment" was confusing there are 1-2 real useful things in your mod for example the taxi option, question what would the AI commander HAL say if I ordered one of his units to transport me from A to B 🙂 these are multiplayer props, but i only play in singleplayer, but i could play multiplayer, my net is fast my machine is fast, but still, i'm a player of old times,i love the relaxed single player games,campaigns,HAL type games ,on a map and in an customized environment what I want another theme: if you are very bored, you could do a revolutionary innovation, which I think does not yet exist I earned a lot but nowhere i think the characters should have an idle animation for now they are like statues i don't know the game-engine gives you this option or not, they would have already done it I think if it had been possible,it would probably need to go deep into the tribe of main-code, it would have been done by someone a long time ago if this is easy
  8. csepi0101

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    need a mod that vary the idle movements of the players and AI soldiers at random,now they stiff stand like the statues
  9. thanks for this solution the name "Pierremgi" is very familiar, Possible I'm using some of mod what you did "The mgi advanced modules" are too many for me, I have a good selection of mods,only specifics ,what i need. Single player nr6 on Lib44's original Baranow map, with asrAI, Project-Injury-Reaction, and about 8 other small mods, character movement, weapon holding, weapon movement, tracers, towing, AI character random speech,time acceleration, etc ... Not want any complex big scripts,need the simplest possible solution what it means,In a "scheduled environment",inside a looped script? eg could I not assign an editable-text-marker to the soldiers on the map?
  10. like this,in this picture,simple numbers of teammates https://www.dropbox.com/s/vco7ohn39363z1a/ArmA%203%20Screenshot%202019.07.04%20-%2018.51.50.40.png?dl=0
  11. UPDATE: Problem solved by "pierremgi" Copy his code to initplayer.sqf in your mission folder. MGI_fnc_nbr = compileFinal " private ['_vvn', '_str']; _str0 =' '; _veh = vehicle _this; for '_i' from 0 to count crew _veh - 1 do { _vvn = vehicleVarName (crew _veh select _i); (crew _veh select _i) setVehicleVarName ''; _str = str (crew _veh select _i); (crew _veh select _i) setVehicleVarName _vvn; _str0 = _str0 +' '+(_str select [(_str find ':') + 1,2]); _str0 }; "; waitUntil {sleep 1; !isNull (findDisplay 12 displayCtrl 51)}; // main map available findDisplay 12 displayCtrl 51 ctrlAddEventHandler ["Draw", { _map = _this select 0; if (ctrlMapScale _map <0.03 && {difficultyOption "mapContentFriendly" == 1 or difficultyOption "mapContent" == 1}) then { { _map drawIcon [ "#(rgb,1,1,1)color(1,1,1,1)", [[playerside,false] call BIS_fnc_sideColor,[0.9,0.7,0.6,1]] select (_x in groupSelectedUnits player), getPosVisual _x, 0,0,0, _x call MGI_fnc_nbr, 0,0.04,"TahomaB","right" ]; } forEach (units player select {_x == effectiveCommander vehicle _x}); }; }]; MY ORIGINAL QUESTION: Not name ,not icon,simple NUMBER. I use the "C2" addon because of this function,but big cpu eater,need a very simple script instead of this. thanks
  12. How to i make reinforcements/replacements instead of the downed ground attack planes? i think(the planes ran out) the logical plane>>RHQground attack plane>>> assets>>> reinforcements>>> HALcommander line not works or need to add starting point with sync plane to helipad marker/object on runway? thanks
  13. csepi0101


    Thanks Harzach for the detailed description, I admire those who write this out from routine, I already had a lot of ideas but to start implementing it at this level is already science, (although I used to make a game in pascal and immersed in assembly (in 1995?)
  14. csepi0101


    THANKS WORKS WITH ALL AI UNITS TANKS etc.. (in test the leader tank teleported then he started back because of the second tank who had not yet teleported, but he move on the bridge (the back teleport had not yet been rewritten to the new version) meanwhile the second tank also teleported and went away,and the third tank also teleported but stopped at the arrival teleport site because the boss started back to other side... then the boss returned to the starter side of the bridge and he was teleported again into the third tank that waiting for him and they blew up... 😄 😄 :DD maybe some regulation may really be needed 😄
  15. csepi0101


    { (vehicle _x) setPos [6447,4788,0]; } forEach thisList; i swear yesterday for lots of hours this was brought out to me by google a few times and it didn't work or i overlooked something now i have tried it without HAL and it works I'll try it with HAL right away that’s exactly what I wanted, how simple it is VERY VERY BIG BIG THANKS (for beno_83au)