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  1. csepi0101

    [SP] Ragnarok'44

    I don't have a numpad, need to rewrite the button,yes the life of commander is very dangerous in this unlocked mode 😄
  2. csepi0101

    [SP] Ragnarok'44

    In the game have inbuilted fps mode? how? i unlock the commander from the trigger-prison in the editor,but not need if have a original inbuilted fps possibility look your fantastic game,this is my "first" game,crash at the end because of OBS studio and storage related problem,the mixed quads works,but need more vehicles in the squads. absolute favourite MOD.
  3. csepi0101

    [SP] Ragnarok'44

    the atmosphere of the game is amazing🤩🤩🤩 (only the FPS mode is very dangerous in too close to my factorys) mortars, at guns.....(with my little- mixed squads with 23 other MOD,ASR , JSRS,TPW_CAS ,Blast core,AI flraegun,accelerated time,random weather etc..) need to hurry to solve the multi vehicle problem from factory and this will be the best strategy in the world there should be an addition that would allow the new respawn in any of my characters(or only in any group leader position) upon death and transfer the command authoritys
  4. csepi0101

    [SP] Ragnarok'44

    yes WORKS 😀😀😀 with 0.5 good _step = (sqrt (MBG_WOO_Main_cam distance MBG_WOO_Main_cam_Center_POS))/3;
  5. csepi0101

    [SP] Ragnarok'44

    I can already see that this will be my favorite game mode if I manage to include complete mixed APC/light/heavy armor and infantry groups. and it has already been done, but it only allows to produce 1 tank together with infantry I don't know yet whether it will be possible to edit the groups/squads later in the game, because if so,now shame to bother with this. but I don't want to dive deeper into the gameplay, as long as there are no groups in which there are several vehicles with infantry. With the code of the heavy factory, I can get a tank inf section from the infantry factory, but it only allows 1 vehicle,like this: MBG_WOO_WEST_4_BASIC = [[0,500,24,"Small Infantry Squad","MBG_WOO_MARKER_INF_4","GUI\Buttons\Infantry4.paa",0,0.4],["lib_stug_iii_g","LIB_GER_ober_lieutenant","LIB_GER_medic","LIB_GER_stggunner","LIB_GER_sapper_gefr","LIB_GER_mgunner","LIB_GER_AT_soldier","lib_ger_rifleman","lib_ger_rifleman","lib_ger_rifleman","lib_ger_rifleman"],"lib_stug_iii_g"]; this is only quick test,not real,because no tank crews(but this soldiers are geniuses they can drive everything 🙂 ) how do I change this line? so that more vehicles appear in the section, I tried to write another one after it, I tried to repeat the entire bracketed structure, the same thing twice, but still only 1 vehicle appears The view scroll: I changed something and I think it was faster, (but I deleted it after tests, then I noticed during the game that it was still faster with it, maybe parameter called "step",but yours will be the winner, I'll try it. This solution of "fog of war" is brilliant idea I'm really looking forward to playing with it for a long time deep game, but before that I'll make it perfect I didn't even test the versions transcribed for the other maps, I expanded this Staszow a bit to the nearest villages, if this is completely based on the HAL game, I already know it, my problem with that was on the Baranow map - it started slowly, the enemy ai was very smart,there I didn't have to find an additional solution for healing because the ai sent out medi-trucks - for injured soldiers, but before a real big attack developed, sometimes you had to wait too long,several times the attacks were good massive, several tanks came at the same time, but you had to wait a long time, HAL was my first favorite for a long time, then I switched to ALIVE the Alive orbat system is very clever, I created dozens of group versions there ,and i met them randomly. In this the resource system will be the winner and the point and click,and i will added to this the large mixed groups and i even not play with this i didn't see the possibilities... maybe the AI's decisions won't be as slow as HAL in the original mod but now possible the slow decisions i will compensated with larger groups (=more fight) if i rewrite the squads ,then 1 lone tank will not wander in itself
  6. csepi0101

    [SP] Ragnarok'44

    so far, from what I've seen of it, this is the number-1 in arma rts mods and which really works in single player everything I've been looking for so far is only here in this ,and works (all CTI version not works for me,AI not spawn in single player,the squad commanding in Liberation with zeus not good because i see the enemy,the savegame not save down the units and his positions) I have already solved the FPS view, because I want ti fight in FPS I'm looking for the scroll speed of view because its speed is very slow and I already know how to expand the tank factory list, but I'm asking if you know a very simple way...(before i write into the code) i have PZ2 and Hetzer and Puma versions and many more
  7. MOCAP_noidle_all.pbo caused this frozed AI error when he reload in prone position,simply delete this pbo and all works again
  8. csepi0101


    I have another question, but I'll try to give you an idea first. although I haven't used a helicopter or a plane in it yet, because i use it in ww2 mod I think the TAOR area is designated in a place where no airplane or helicopter can appear, or it is too small for both there are many factory limits in Alive, I don't know how to add my own spawn points to a map because the CIV/MIL objects only appear approximately where I want to place them my question: how to set the Alive so that the ai commander attacks with all his units, and nobody stood in the hinterland (the numbers of "simultan attacks" ?)
  9. or the TAOR area is too little....?
  10. if they appear in the editor, they must also work in the game,if they do not appear in the editor, you have messed something up. if you already have a faction then enter the Orbat creator again and create the next one, then save the entire faction and the config in the same way and make a new pbo based on the previous one and place it next to the old one, then the new things will be added to the previous one if the factions appear in the editor but not in the game, possible you have not write them on the ai commander data sheet and the MIL/CIV objects data sheet or I noticed that 1 TAOR area can be assigned to approximately 3 groups....? if more than 3 use 1 TAOR area, there may be errors, I noticed this, but I may be wrong
  11. csepi0101

    AI can see through tree tops?

    I just now encountered this problem that the enemy tank can see through the bushes and trees. The map I use is invasion44 Neaville from arma2 and with its own bushes and trees, which are very beautiful So far I have had no problems with the Ironfront-standalone game maps, there is no such problem there I'm going to try Neaville with Ironfront-standalone trees and bushes, the Baranow type vegetation has a nice summer atmosphere but still the i44 vegetation fits on the Neaville map better
  12. csepi0101


    ok, the teleport is already almost perfect but if many units are arrived at once (and stand inside the trigger)then sometimes not work therefore, 2-3 trigger areas should be behind each other and everyone will pass safely
  13. csepi0101


    ok works with vehicle x,thanks thanks
  14. csepi0101


    yes i was hoping for similar,when not need to use new variables,big thanks and the vehicle_x?
  15. Thanks how good for the person when the syntax is coming from routine,he can make anything he can figure out