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    Playstion issues

    Are the rat traps supposed to be capped at 240? Mine are max level and seem to be capped. Also my shelter keeps reverting to one cosmetically. I've been playing since launch so please help a guy out here I don't want to have to stop playing just because I have to eat.
  2. My shelter isn't staying level 13 anymore, it reverts to the level one cosmetic. On top of that my rat traps went from carrying over 1000 to carrying only 240. Is anyone else experiencing this? I've been playing wince launch and I feel I'm being punished.
  3. The issue isn't my challenges now its that a whole encounter didn't count with a full backpack and two kills.
  4. The challenges have appeared now but the game still didn't count. What do I do?
  5. Anyone going to respond? My PSN address is centar23 and I really don't want to get burned out on this game.
  6. So my challenges have been broken for a week and just now I played a game, two kills, multiple loots and a locked container looted. None of it counted! Please help I've played this game since launch on the PS4 and I'm having issues. I can supply a video if needed.
  7. Centar23

    portable detectors

    Why would you do that? Tracing a signal like that would require a computer not a radio. Plus if you're taking in ten detectors you are taking a serious risk loss. They are a tool like any other and despite being hard to get starting out they're better because they give awareness when your opponent has none. I've killed people using detectors before so they really aren't that overpowered.
  8. Centar23

    how to deal with campers and cheaters

    Campers are a pain in any game but in this one especially. Still if I know you have an air drop and you're coming to an exit you're an easy target so why wouldn't you for the extra XP? I don't do it often but say the... last to exit challenge. I'm going to sit there and wait just because I have to do the challenge so why not get a kill out of it?
  9. Centar23

    How to make Vigor more inviting for new players

    Body armor doesn't really go away after one bullet. It's more like one bullet from an SVU or a Ventornez which are the strongest weapons in the game besides the new bolt action. Though I do agree, staying alive is hard especially playing against some of the ones I end up against. I'm running with maybe 142 kills total and I've played over eight hundred encounters. The grind this season especially is... miserable.
  10. Centar23


    Why would you nerf the rewards for shootouts? I know you want more people to play your game and spend money; heck I have on it, but to make the rewards now so low? I used to play shootout all the time even when I wasn't that good and I'd get second and sometimes first place but now with only ten food and ONE crate for a win? It's no longer even worth it. I love your game, the loot aspects, the shelter, everything but this season I'm hurt because I have to work. Crates are worth less XP and there aren't as many p boosters in the battlepass. Again I know he point in a game is to make money and I'll continue to play but all this season did was hurt those of us who can't play all the time.