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  1. I noticed a new problem when I logged in today. When I went to the range in camp it told I had new challenges the list showed all of my guns. Which I found odd because it only says that when i get a new gun and I it only shows my new gun. So I emedietly checked and it cleared all of my challenges. Witch is wrong because I have the target practice, shooter and sharpshooter medals. My medals still show up in medals, but all of my challenge records are gone.
  2. clinical_dish2

    Confusion Regarding Season8

    I am a casual gamer so I haven't played in a couple of weeks. I was just wondering why I can't seem to find any matches on Fiske. I personally love this map it is the one I know the best. I am also working on collecting the lighters, trolls, and records in game. If you did away with this map, I would appreciate it if you bring it back. If its still in game I would apricate it if you explain how the match generation works.