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  1. VigorIsLife

    Save Appearance.

    Brilliant game but would love to add some suggestions on Appearance in general - please could we have even more options. Whilst I am saving up my crowns for a really nice jacket I would love in the interim to be able to accessorise my current rain jacket e.g with a different waist belt option? (for less crowns) We all currently have the same waist belt. Also more accessories e.g: neckerchief, watch, walkie-talkie, headphones - mainly just to show off in the lobby! 🙂 but everyone likes to get creative in there I’ve noticed! Also if there’s any way we can change our player name just for the game (rather than having to use our PS4 profile i.d name) that would be great. (You could allow name changes for coins after the initial free one)
  2. VigorIsLife

    Character Options

    LOVING Vigor! But yes I agree with the above Please can we have some more female characters. Maybe some light haired ones too! Re: Chat - might be a nice idea to have a general chat box just for the lobby only - whilst we are waiting - would fill time and be fun for those to say hi to names you begin to recognise / comments about your gear or something fun that happened in the last battle! 🙂 Also perhaps in future: ability to purchase small elements for the shelter (e.g sofa colour/bed upgrade/rug/outdoor pets - chickens + coop / egg collection option) and have someone else able to visit the Shelter - it can get lonely there!
  3. VigorIsLife

    Campers/Mortar Strikes/Alarm - DISTRACTING

    I love this game. I had not found anything else as enjoyable as the TombRaider franchise until Vigor came out. It’s flippin’ brilliant. Please keep growing! Happy to contribute to suggestions so yes I agree the siren is annoying (but more so to those in the room with me who do not play the game!) but it is very relevant so not sure what could replace it - my suggestion - perhaps different less annoying warning sounds e.g randomised nature-based/rural warning sounds (Wolf, fox, owl, bear attack, tractor engine, wood-sawing etc?) The camping issue - Maybe the threat of a mountain wolf slow damage bite if you are too long crouched in one spot - so you are still able to camp but just not for a ridiculous amount of time 🙂 Love the idea above for the shovel too.