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    Concerns for Season 7 and Beyond

    Yeah it was definitely more of a tongue in cheek statement lol. I'm not saying they don't exist, but compared to other games they're way less frequent... and like you said that's part of the fun, unlocking padlocks at the speed of light hoping your head doesn't become part of the loot.
  2. Hi, I've been playing Vigor for a couple of weeks now, and I've been having a blast with it. I'm enjoying it so much I wanted to do something I don't do, and try to voice my opinions and concerns for the future of Vigor directly to the devs. The first thing I wanted to address is the major changes coming to the game with season 7. Firstly, timed safe and locked container. These are set to be removed in S7 and I'm sure you guys are aware that a lot of the community doesn't want to see them go. Having multiple loot events and multiple exits allowing you to choose different approaches every game is part of what makes Vigor so fun. I know they will still be available through upgrading loot in pre-game lobbies, but please hear me when I say that this won't work. I could count on one hand the number of times I've seen loot or the crate actually get upgraded in a lobby, and I've played over 60 encounters. The simple fact is no one wants to spend their crowns on that. I'm guessing that most likely you guys see this change as a way to sell more crowns, which I understand. It's a free game you guys have to make your money somehow.. but as I said no one upgrades loot in lobbies, so that wouldn't really work, AND there are so many other ways that you guys could sell more crowns without taking away things that no one wants to see go. Like maybe shelter customizations; furniture presets, pets, and different color schemes. I'd definitely pay for those.. or just shower us with more cosmetics, as it's a small selection currently. Things like that. I also wanted to bring up locked exits and the camper mortar system. So I haven't been able to find much info on this, but apparently some (or all) exits are going to be locked and will require so many materials before leaving. I along with some of the community feel this is too drastic of a change and one that won't benefit gameplay at all. First and foremost because there's no leave game option. There have been plenty of games I've spawned into and immediately either (A) had severe server connection issues and had no choice but to go straight to the exit, or (B) had something urgent IRL to attend to and again had to leave immediately. This new mechanic would completely negate the ability to leave when things like that occur, and so the player would just be screwed. Secondly, sometimes you have a bad streak of games and want to just go in and grab a little bit, maybe snag one kill and then get out to boost your confidence back up, this would again negate that ability. And it's not like people could do this to farm XP, you earn virtually nothing for quick games like that. And lastly on the exits, having the freedom to leave whenever you want is simply just one of the coolest aspects of this game. It's unique and doesn't feel cheap, being that it's very easy to get gunned down on your way out, but then even that doesn't feel cheap because of the crows indicator at the exits. It's just perfectly balanced as is to me. Not to mention that locked exits would just be furthering similarities between this game and Escape From Tarkov, and I don't want to see this game labeled as "just a clone" by people who haven't played it, because it has the potential to be so much more. Lastly I just want to mention the camper mortar system. There's basically no info on how this is going to work yet, but regardless of the specifics, it's just seems like a bad idea. Let me preface this by saying I am definitely against camping, and by camping I mean sitting in one spot almost the entire length of the game. The thing is though is I've genuinely never encountered actual campers in Vigor, and I'm pretty sure that because they don't really exist. The community of this game is great, far separated from the likes of the CoD or Fortnite community, and I think the people you've had crying about campers have actually been just that, people who came from communities like those. I've seen this happen multiple times, people who don't understand that the person that just killed them hadn't been sitting there for 20 minutes waiting for them.. they simply just heard your footsteps and got into position to ambush you, something almost everyone does. So I don't think this "camper problem" is near as bad as you guys believe it to be. Furthermore this mortar system seems like a catalyst for some very unfair deaths if someone is doing just that, waiting to ambush someone they hear coming, or stuck behind cover in a stand off because you both heard/saw each other and know exactly where the other is hiding, something that happens frequently. I could go on about why this system is a bad idea and why I've already seen a lot of negative responses to the idea, but this post is long enough lol. So in closing, I feel as though the immediate future of the game should focus on ironing out the bugs and connection issues it currently faces, and implementing smaller things to bring more life to the game like more customization of the shelter and ourselves... rather than adding/removing things that so drastically shift the dynamic of the gameplay. The formula we have currently in season 6 is honestly perfect and A LOT of people have been saying this. No one would be upset if the core gameplay elements we currently have, stay exactly how they are. Thank you for taking the time to read this post that got way longer than I intended, and I really hope that the devs will see and consider what I've said. Even if it's too late to change these things by the release of S7, I hope you will take this feedback into consideration for future updates. -PHVNTOMLORD